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Oops. Add two rapes to the feat of Staff Sgt. Bales, death squad of one (Aghans say 1/16th) behind Panjwaii Massacre

An Afghan parliamentary fact-finding mission reports that two women were raped before being killed in the US NATO night raid on Panjwaii. Yeah, Americans still can’t pronounce My Lai. The same US corporate press is raping Afghanistan.

Oops, troops don’t get memo, kill kids

SUNDAY- Drunken US soldiers kill 16 Afghanistan civilians, nine of them children. The US military is claiming the massacre was the work of one soldier who “wandered” inside homes in Kandahar’s Panjwayi district, but witnesses report it was a squad who laughed as they shot the families and tried to burn the bodies. US Army defenders might argue mouths agape that it doesn’t make sense, what would US NATO forces accomplish by doing that? State terrorism is no accident. Whether by directive, unleashing berserkers, or enlisting young men with mental deficiencies, TROOPS KILL KIDS.
For our remedial readers I’ll note that Tony and I are under fire for raising that point at an Occupy GA. What’s the vigilante posse got to say about the US soldiers in the village of Zangabad? Just part of the ugly job of war? Happens everyday? Yes it does.

No flag raising in Kandahar

What flag to raise in Kandahar 
This recent photo
from Afghanistan accompanied a story about the lost cause that is becoming the US trying to impose a Western will upon Afghanistan. With pictures like this I’m convinced that plucky photo editors are able once in awhile to subvert the official message of their bosses.
Does the composition remind you of something? It sure looks like Iwo Jima to me! A handful of rugged American GIs atop a mound, ready to raise a flag. But these guys have no standard to raise, no legitimacy for which they claim the land. They appear to be looking out in all directions, perhaps for direction, stranded with a lot equipment, some sandbags, no flag, and no paddle.