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Who killed Neda Agha-Soltan?

The video footage is shocking. An attractive young woman watching the demonstrations in Tehran is struck by a sniper's bullet and dies before several video cameras. The tragedy is projected unto Facebook and Youtube, with advocates hoping it will galvanize (American) public support for the brave reform movement in Iran. News accounts blame "Basij snipers" on the rooftops. Other protesters have been killed in confrontations with Iranian riot police, without the benefit of video witnesses, much like two million Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis et al. Poor 27-year-old bystander Neda Soltani stood at the quite improbable convergence of bullet and camera --correction-- cameras. I don't have to suggest the scene was staged; whether or not the triggerman was an American is immaterial. 8127

Kuwaiti Freedom…

You remember, GulfWarz One... "Freeing" Kuwait. Only thing is, Kuwait has NEVER been free. They're a Monarchy, a Hereditary Dictatorship. 6987

$180 billion US government giveaway to one insurance group and counting

Barack Obama is going to put the US government into its grave! AIG has $61.7 billion loss, new U.S. aid may not be last ...AIG is an insurance grouping and lost about $465,000 a minute in Oct, Nov, Dec of 2008, and was a record for a U.S. company, according to Thomson Reuters data. For all of 2008, AIG lost $99.29 billion, wiping out profits dating to the early 1990s. That amount is close to the gross domestic product of Kuwait. Total giveaway 'relief' to AIG by Bush and Gerald Barack Ford s now at $180,000,000,000 and still counting! Can you smell "the recovery?"

From Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!

A.N.S.W.E.R. has 7 Reasons to March on DC. We can borrow them! - The war in Afghanistan is expanding and widening. - 350,000 U.S. troops and US-paid contractors still occupy Iraq. - Israelís Siege of Gaza remains in place, with backing of Washington. - Obama's Justice Department is continuing the policy of renditions. - Air strikes on Pakistan are killing an increasingly number of civilians. - The real Pentagon war budget is over $1.3 trillion annually. - More than 20 million people are now unemployed and under-employed. 6640

Obama endorsed by infamous UN liar

"Less than a teaspoon of dry anthrax, a little bit about this amount -- this is just about the amount of a teaspoon --"   Colin Powell perjured himself at the UN, playing the leading role in encouraging the invasion of Iraq which resulted in the deaths of over a million Iraqis. Now he's lauded for endorsing Barack Obama? What hope is there that Obama will seek a just resolution to the war in Iraq? 5212

Can Russians do worse than US soldiers?

I'm listening right now to live alarmist coverage of Russia's occupation of Georgia. Embeds are reporting to analysts about the panicked Georgians, about forced labor, and about marauding Russian soldiers committing atrocities. A cease fire has been signed, and though we don't hear any gunfire, American leaders and media hounds are blustering about the Russian disproportionate use of force. When did our DoD decide to recognize that war crime? 4260

Save Congo

A spin off group from Human Rights Watch reports that over 2,000 women were reported raped in one province of East Congo alone. Over 2,000 raped last month in Congo's east -report In Kivu, there are over 1,000,000 refugees from the war there, and the United Nations and African Union have already arrived, implemented a peace treaty under their direction, and yet the bloodshed goes on. 3903

The contractors losing people in Iraq

We've all heard of Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater, Custer Battles et al. Who are the other contractor / profiteer / mercenaries in Iraq? Here's a partial list, sorted by most recent fatality. 2871

CENTCOM is central command of what?

As the invasion of Iraq progressed, I remember constant references to CENTCOM. Journalists would receive their briefings from CentCom, a tent in Kuwait by all appearances. I thought CentCom represented central military communications there, a safe spot behind our lines where generals could command artillery, logistics, etc. 2665

Let’s not save those ‘damsels in distress’ in Muslim countries…OK?

One of the great US excuses for occupying Afghanistan with troops intermittently flowing forth from the neocon-controlled corporate press, was that American civilization was liberating Afghan women from their cruel men of the Taliban. It was a propaganda crumb thrown to church going liberals to try to appeal to their humanitarian interventionist tendencies. Save the Damsels in Distress... Holy Moly! 2292

Economic war on Sudan is not peace

Two more ideas for banners, to communicate why anyone would object to SAVE DARFUR and its lost boys. Honestly. Look up on Wikipedia. This is the same emotional pitch made to rally Americas to save Kuwait. In Afghanistan it was the Taliban creating orphans, and in Kuwait it was Iraqis stealing the incubators. In Belgium in 1916 Germans were said to be sticking babies on their bayonets and carrying severed fingers in their pockets as souvenirs.

Operation Quagmire, 1994

You know, the times come around and around and around... So this has been resurrected, I give you: Dick Cheney, advising NOT to invade Iraq. 1641

Killbox circa Sinai Desert

Does this scene of carnage look familiar to you? I thought it was the infamous Highway of Death where US airplanes destroyed the Iraqi convoys retreating from Kuwait in 1990. No, this was twenty three years earlier, in the Sinai Desert on the first day of the 1967 Six Day War. 1375

License to kill non-combatants

On this anniversary of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, March 16, 1968, let's remember a time when the American public was not rallying behind its soldiers as they murdered women and children in the conduct of modern warfare. We did not support the troops who shot civilians under orders, or wiped out entire communities. We did not sanction it as collateral damage, the killing we knew about. 1114

Scorched journalist policy

Shall we speculate as to who is killing journalists in Iraq and Afghanistan? (141 to date in Iraq.) Well, the who is documented, much of it labeled "friendly fire." Shall we speculate about the why? Forgive me if it feels like I am connecting the dots with a crayon.   A recent documentary interviewed some Iraqi journalists about their inconsistent use of flack jackets. The journalists said they choose not to wear protection around fellow Iraqis because they don't want to be mistaken for working for the occupiers. But walking beside American soldiers the journalists do wear flack jackets because they are fearful of being shot the Americans. 908

How well is the war in Iraq going?

Finally there is unity! The war in Iraq is not going well for the United States so say the press, the politicians, Rumsfield, even. Oh the suffering amongst the British and Americans. They did not forsee the unfolding problems. If only the Iraqis would act normal! 755

What is the purpose of the ‘War on Terrorism’, and when did it start?

When did this war start that is now called 'The War on Terrorism' and what is its purpose? The answers to both questions would seem rather simple and obvious to Americans, but on closer examination are not what would be most considered. Why the war on terrorism's purpose is to stop attacks from terrorists on our country and the world, would certainly be the most common reply. And the war started, of course, on September 11, 2001. 638

An Inconvenient Truth; Al Gore in the Balance

This last Friday I headed over to see a herd of well-fed liberals that rodeoed themselves into the Unitarian Church for a free showing of the film, 'An Inconvenient Truth'. The corral was packed and after we were informed that a pastor was on the way from Denver to moralize to us later, the film began to roll. Another showing of 'Al Gore, the Intellectual Politican' was under way. Hey, it kinda of reminded me of the repeated US`showing of 'Jimmy Carter, Born Again Liberal Christian', too. Holy Mackeral. Why buy a used car from the other guys, when we got such a sincere team over at Slick's Used Cars Emporium? 429

Senator McCain fake shining armor

  Do we assume because John McCain suffered mistreatment at the hands of the Vietnamese, that he empathizes with victims of torture? By presenting a false alternative to Bush’s torture bill, McCain is showing he may just want payback. 390

The Path to 9 11

In defense of ABC's docudrama The Path to 9/11. Near the beginning, when the terrorists were taking responsibility for the 1993 WTC bombing, "Ramzi Youssef - Palestinian Terrorist" explained why they had done it: because of America's military and economic support of Israel. 335

Short term life expectancy

This week 1,500 Army reservists from the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored Division are being ordered from Kuwait to join the embattled Marines in Iraq's Anbar province. Their commander General Casey assured us this deployment will be short-term. "Definitely short-term" he reiterated.   With casualty rates so high, is the general's confidence based on the soldier's probable life expectancy?