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‘Labor Day’ in a country that hates Laborers? What’s with that?

We just got past the nation's so-called 'labor day'. There is no more meaningless Holiday around though since our country's corporate elites actually hate laborers and think that they are the bottom scrapings of society and should be treated like shit.... ALWAYS. They do not want laborers (called workers by many) to have either a minimum wage, or what the elites label 'entitlements'. Think I am making that all up? Then go to the Wall Street Journal's Saturday edition immediately before this years' fake-oH!'labor day'. There, the corporate criminals that hang out in loads at the US's leading capitalist publication, the WSJ, headlined THEIR idiotic question of 'Are Entitlements Corrupting Us?' ... the 'us' meaning not them! See their real views about LABOR at Are Entitlements Corrupting Us? Yes, American Character Is at Stake. Really, the use of bureaucratic word, 'entitlement', tells us a mountain about the Wall Street Journalist and America's capitalist ruling elite. You see? The word as used by them does not include any of the trillions of dollars that big time capitalists got to 'help the economy' out during the current depression. It does not include any of the trillions upon trillions of dollars of contracts that the government hands them out yearly via Pentagon contracts either! 'Entitlements' is a defamatory word used by capitalist elites to describe what laborers might get handed out in pennies to keep them halfway together and marginally alive, when they are sick and/or age... and to keep the laboring class from starving or landing in the gutters of American streets, where they would be a cleanup problem for the country's big shots. So what is it like to see this phoney 'labor day' pass us laborers by, year after year in our society that despises the common laborers that do the real and hard work of keeping society running? It is a repugnant society we live in that hates us and 'labor day' just underlines that, by being a day that has been made meaningless by those who flagrantly run our Planet down into destruction and disintegration. A society that truly values LABOR and the LABORING CLASS makes everyday a day for Labor, not just creates a fake 'holiday' in September while moving away from that real day for international workers in May, called May Day. The US 'labor day' makes us sicker, and not happier about the role we have of being exploited by the capitalist class for our labors.

US Labor Day turned into an extra day to shop for crap at Walmart

...The US Labor Movement is in shambles and is no force at all in the economic life of this country. This is as a result of having a group of labor union heads totally tied to the Democratic Party and co-opted by big business since the post World War 2 era. What was created by radicals amongst the working class way back in the '30s has been thrown away, and today US Labor Day is nothing more than another day when workers go to Walmart. Labor 'solidarity' has now been reduced to voting for the likes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden and praying that one does not lose the small equity one might have on a home or a car. It's a sad day for the workers of America who face illness and old age with shredded full of holes retirement and medical care plans. Brother can you spare a dime? has been changed to 'Brother can you spare a Hundred? My car ran out of gas and we got nothing to eat.' Labor buys nothing more than poverty for so many.

Some Colorado labor history

Labor day. It commemorates the likes of Samuel Gompers, Big Bob Haywood and Mother Jones and their efforts to unite working class peoples. They met great resistance from gullible populations of consumers and business owners who weren't going to give anything unless they were forced. Child labor laws, five day work weeks, eight hour days, overtime pay, work breaks, retirement, benefits, sick days, vacation days, we owe all these to the might of collective bargaining. Today's labor organizers are seen more as standing in the way of productivity. We think of union workers as lazy and greedy, corrupt and undeserving. How is it the labor unions have fallen so low in our sentiments? Probably because businesses have public relations budgets which advance the corporate view, and labor unions, well, do not. Was this always so? Actually, yes. The Gold Miner's Strike, 1894 Colorado Springs citizens themselves figured prominently in an early and notorious labor conflict: the Cripple Creek Miner's Strike of 1894. Miners united by the Western Federation of Miners were fighting for the three dollar, eight hour day. This was a high wage at the time, but the gold mining business was a veritable bonanza and mine owners were building huge homes on Wood Avenue, "Millionaire's row." Up on the mountain the miners seized and shut down the mines. From their exclusive hang out, the El Paso Club, the mine owners complained about the evils of socialism and the populist leanings of the governor. When underhanded attempts to dislodge the strikers failed, the mine owners, with the assistance of the Gazette, convinced the population of Colorado Springs to rise up in arms against the miners, lest the miners descend from the mountain and attack them. Twelve hundred men were deputized and led on a march to defeat the seven hundred miners. Luckily the 1,200-strong Colorado Springs volunteer posse was outwitted and the miners achieved their demands. The struggle was long and bitter and makes an amusing story now. We can be happy that the miners prevailed but let us not today be mistaken about which side most of Colorado Springs was on. Breaking the union, 1904 By 1904, miners had lost the eight hour day. The Mine Owner's Association issued work permits only to miners who would renounce their union memberships. As the owners shipped in scab labor to substitute for the union holdouts, the conflict grew bloody. The state militia was called in to close the Victor Record, a newspaper sympathetic to the W. F. M. The union was silenced. On June 6, 1904, a lunatic fighting on the side of the miners, but for motives of his own, blew up a train platform, killing 21 nonunion workers. Though it was not then established who had done it, the W. F. M. was immediately blamed and routed. 225 union miners, a number of whom had families in Cripple Creek, were boarded unto trains and deported from Teller County. One group was sent to the Kansas border, marched across, and abandoned. The other was dropped off in a desolate part