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Little to celebrate in the liberals’ pyrrhic election victory this week

A Pyrrhic victory for the Democratic Party tied liberals was slimly gained this past Tuesday in the presidential race. In the race against the weakest Republican candidate presidential imaginable, the great liberal hope, Right Wing centrist Barack Obama, was given another 4 more long years to work with Republicans in destroying hope for the ordinary working (or increasingly not working as it is) American. Let's now take a brief look at what the liberal side of the divide got for the nation as they squeaked out a 'victory' by about 1,500,000 votes? In short, they got themselves an Obomber who will be saying, 'Let's all work together' as the Republican Party Rightists put their nasty obscene hands around the American people's collective throats trying to choke us all to death with their austerity programs for all that is not funding yet more and more police and military state power! War on, Droneland USA. The increasingly zombified liberals are getting for us all more Republican power and not less of it!

Repulsive liberal ‘progressive’ hypocrisy on US warmaking

'Beyond that, Obama has used drones to kill Muslim children and innocent adults by the hundreds. He has refused to disclose his legal arguments for why he can do this or to justify the attacks in any way. He has even had rescuers and funeral mourners deliberately targeted. As Hayden said: ”Right now, there isn’t a government on the planet that agrees with our legal rationale for these operations, except for Afghanistan and maybe Israel.” But that is all perfectly fine with most American liberals now that their Party’s Leader is doing it: 30407

Chris Hedges speaks about MoveOn as if we all know it’s a reprehensible .org

So the uninitiated are left to guess. "Reprehensible" is a mighty harsh condemnation. Is MOVE ON reprehensible for having arisen from the alarm against a Republican's illegal war, but now it keeps silent about a Democrat's? Are they reprehensible for trying, like the many pro-Dem grassroots networks, to co-op the anti Wall Street message? The good news is that Chris Hedges doesn't think any of the liberal establishment will be able to commandeer OCCUPY WALL STREET, which he calls a movement too big to fail.   My own disgust is with MoveOn's vanguard strategy to champion the issue of forgiving student loan debt. Not a terrible idea of course, but the call paints students who support OCCUPY WALL STREET to be only motivated by selfish reasons, creating a wedge between students and the working class. If student loan relief is something Obama can then champion, MoveOn sweeps them back into his orbit, and away from the radical occupiers.

Love me I’m a Liberal – Phil Ochs

"In every American community you have varying degrees of shadiness. One of the shadiest of these is the Liberals. Ten degrees to the left of center in good times, Ten degrees to the right of center if it affects them personally." -Phil Ochs, 1967

Isn’t it strange…

The same TeaBags and Reagan Revolution and Christian Coalition freaks who say they're opposed to Assisted Suicide, gladly and with a hymn on their Lying lips promote Suicide by Tobacco, Suicide by Fast Food, Suicide by dependence on motor vehicles instead of using our muscles. I know there are many of us in America who can't get out and jog, I can't walk more than a couple of blocks without pain. Due to my very infamous and uncompensated on-the-JOB injuries. But we aren't everybody. Although the Cigarettes and the Diabetes will probably make it to where the ones who make all the laughing sneering excuses for their lifestyles won't be able to walk without pain as they enter the Expensive To Everybody final stages of their lives. 19095

Barack Obama reverses to better cover up torture so that he can continue his pogrom in Northern Pakistan

Now you see them, now you don't! The Magician, Mr CHANGE, is playing the American liberal public as a motley gang of rubes and is getting away with it. All is silent on the liberal front. So that is why the Obama U-turn on abuse photographs can happen as liberals sit by with thumbs up their rear ends as their president escalates GWOT (the so-called global war on terrorism) into Pakistan. He has now put up to 1,500,000 people out of their homes and on the road to nowhere. 7740

Slaughter of savages nobody cares about

1200 bodies counted, hundreds seriously injured, aerial bombing continues and nobody really cares, do they? More to come. Where are all the Western imperialist liberals who usually wax so eloquent when it comes to giving their precious support to what they always refer to as 'self determination'? That is when it involves using Western military hardware against 'the baddies'. Apparently they are asleep in the case of the Tamils of Sri Lanka? It says a lot about where our supposed liberals' heads are really at?

Welfare for the rich at GM, Ford, and Chrysler as they cut jobs?

US car giants seek $21bn funding. That would bring them close to $40 billion handed out to them by the Bush-Obama team if they succeed! And Obama, the No Change President, will make them do a few tricks to get their new billions, but that's about it. Who can actually think that a top dog welfare scheme like this which will eventually be paid for by the newly unemployed taxpayer poor is something called a 'stimulus package'? Hey! A liberal Democrat would!

Obamapologists task growing Sisyphean

The anticipation is building for one hell of a JANUARY 21ST wouldn't you say? While emails are flying, about invitations to this inauguration party or that, or about holding Obama's feet to whose fire on Day One, Two or Three, the President Elect continues to stack a cabinet to defy all Hope.   What is this B-Team Obama is assembling, even beyond the Cabinet? He's chosen pop- Fundamentalist minister Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation. 5804

Iraq speaks up: Get Out, Occupiers!

How many times have I heard the words from Democratic Party type liberal smurfs, saying that demonstrations supposedly accomplish nothing? Yet how to explain that the Iraqis seem to think otherwise and just held a huge demonstration in Baghdad under conditions that Americans cannot even begin to imagine having for themselves? Iraqis stage mass anti-US rally. 5160

American liberal intellectualism in crisis

American liberal intellectualism is in a state of crisis today. The intellectuals that guide liberalism keep shouting to the Democratic Party to stop collaborating with the Republican Party and to be a true opposition as today's liberals have thought they always were. 4046

Democratic Party-glued liberals are running scared!

The Democratic Party-glued liberals are running scared as their worst nightmare is about to begin. I am referring to the remaining primaries that will almost all be held over about a 2 week time frame in the middle of this month, May. What if Hillary, with her super-delegates power, takes the DP convention? It might soon be in the cards? 3283