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Manti Te’o mistery phone paramour is a live person whose name is not Lennay Kekua. That is not the hoax

You'd think that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o would be overjoyed to learn his internet girlfriend's death was a hoax, that the person with whom he spent days and nights on the phone is alive and well, even if her name isn't Lennay Kekua. If it's true the NFL hot-property had never met this posthumous paramour, but fell in love with her over the course of years on the phone, you'd think the bond would be super-ordinary and he'd be on the first plane to meet his miraculously restored Ophelia. The death "hoax" could have a fairytale ending! 38206

a heart of stone

I found this rock in Costa Rica, wet with seawater and the color of red jade, on a miles-long stretch of sand. A heart-shaped message, freed from the somber rainforest, presented to me - I think - by Cupid himself!

Speaking of toilets

When I visited Southern California in the mid-eighties, I was bedazzled by my boyfriend's beachside neighborhood. Tiny stucco houses. Flowering vines crawling weatherworn trellises. Impossibly narrow streets. Sandy restaurants serving fish tacos. Cramped outdoor patios overlooking the ocean -- the vast inconceivable Pacific ocean. An exciting vista for a Colorado girl. 3771

Plant Biology

I have an aloe plant that has moved with me from girlfriend to girlfriend without arousing the suspicion that it carries such memories.

Lenten reflection

  Love is impatient, love is unkind. It is full of envy and braggadocio. It is arrogant. It is rude. It is self-seeking and easily angered; it keeps a detailed record of wrongs. Love delights in evil and ignores the truth.   It never protects, never trusts, never hopes, never perseveres.   Love ever fails.   Obviously I need some fresh air. Too much dust. Too many ashes. Pollyanna is hiding.

Counterpoint duets in American musicals

A now Christmas classic has breathed new life into Frank Loesser's "Baby it's cold outside / I really must go." After burning out the household listening to all available recordings, I yearned for other counterpoint duets. Neither Broadway, nor the internet was very forthcoming, hence this post. 2374

She’s a real doll

  Over the weekend I saw Lars and the Real Girl, a strange but funny movie about a mentally-ill introvert who, much to his concerned family's delight, finds a "girlfriend" on the internet. The girlfriend, Bianca, it turns out, is actually a Real Doll, a life-sized anatomically correct silicone woman, created by Abyss Creations in California and sold for upwards of $10,000. The entire community sweetly honors the "relationship" while Lars works through deep psychological issues resulting from his mother's death at his birth. 2287

US sadism

'This doesn't really hurt, now, does it?', Donald says with a gleam in his eye. Albert responds, 'No, I think he actually likes it.' Michael sez, 'Oh yes, let the judge decide! Have another drink of water now...' The Clown repeats, 'America does not torture you. America does not use torture. This is not torture.' And Dick, who is getting older, snores.


Your clear eye is the one absolutely beautiful thing. I want to fill it with color and ducks, The zoo of the new   Whose names you meditate --- April snowdrop, Indian pipe, Little   Stalk without wrinkle, Pool in which images Should be grand and classical   Not this troublous Wringing of hands, this dark Ceiling without a star. Sylvia Plath

A voice across eight time zones

Thanks to internet streaming, adjusting for the 8-hour time difference, from 10am to noon every weekday in Colorado Springs you can hear this evening DJ duo on Debrecen's Radio FM95.   Szilvia and I would frequent Antiquariat bookstores wherever we went, she hunting for literature, me for books with pictures since I couldn't read Hungarian. She would sit and read if I was not finished scouting the shelves. Once I looked down to see her reading HL Mencken in Hungarian. That was that. She introduced me to Thomas Hardy and Wilkie Collins.

I am my own muse

Opposites attract? Maybe if one feels a lack.   When my husband and I were in our mid-twenties, we worked out at a hip club in Denver. We did aerobics for cardiovascular health and lifted weights to stave off osteoporosis. We had a group of friends, like-minded couples, who were our workout buddies. We went to the club several times a week for years. We were an integral square on the yuppie quilt. 1361

A Star is Born

On June 29, 1930, Helen and Marie Smythe, my mother and aunt, were born in the Bronx, New York. Sixty-five years later it was Lara Elisabeth Walden's turn. Happy birthday to all my sweet girls!

Cynthia McKinney 2008, I think I love you!

As a powerful antidote against the nonsensical Juneteenth Day event here in Colorado Springs, thank you, Cynthia McKinney, woman in Green. This is a powerful speech, where she talks about COINTELPRO, the police, and how crappy America currently is now. Cynthia McKinney in Green, 2008. Oh, and LOVE.

Birth Mothers Exploited by Adoption

You've seen those horrid little shop fronts run by the Religious Right. You know, the ones that offer 'counselling' to pregnant women. They say that they are there to help save women from the trauma they would undergo if they were to terminate their pregnancy by having an abortion. 1363

Falwell lives!

It appears that Jerry Falwell died and went to neither Hell nor Heaven. He went to Poland, where he is now once again outing Tinky Winky from the closet. More intolerance of this sort can also be found in Moscow, too. Thank God we live in Colorado Springs, where people and dogs of all types tolerate and respect each other! 1313

Zulu here, Beam me in Scotty, directly into Tim Hardaway’s ass

Due to basketball player, Tim Hardway's recent confession that he hates gay people, there have been some eXtraterrestial responses. Star Trek's mission has always been to deliver a message of justice and peace to all alien peoples, and Zulu is out front and out of the closet with this message now. Here's his message of love and harmony to all sports fans regarding tiny Tim.

Nature Deficit Disorder

There is a book out that postulates that children today are being deprived of any real contact with nature and any real contact with a certain childhood independence, too. In fact, Salon carries an interview with the author, Richard Louv, titled 'Do today's kid's have nature-deficit disorder?' The answer is an obvious... YES they do. 1069

Win one for the Man(ning)!

Yeehaw, Peyton won the Superbowl!   Lots of articles this week. Is football America's religion? Unless you go to New Life Church, hell yeah! We worship. We sing. We dance. We praise. We repent. We are slain in the aisles. We are redeemed. We are brothers and sisters. We sit at the right hand of God. NO DOUBT. 1021

Another weeping pastor

What is it with these gays? You think that they would stop marrying and having babies? But they are just so full of sin they can't seem to help themselves! Another Right Wing Protestant pastor has come out weeping once again. I'm talking about Denver's, Rev. Paul Barnes. 786