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The no-less-combatant support services

LEXINGTON, NEBRASKA- Along I-80, we stopped to see the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles. While visitors cannot help but be drawn to the tanks and guns, the large collection of jeeps and trucks make clear the tremendous resources and personnel required behind-the-lines to support any combat operations, their function every bit as lethal.

The real Sandinistas are fed up with Daniel Ortega’s pathetic regime

There is so little hope in the pathetic Daniel Ortega... that Nicaragua's foremost Sandinista musician has withdrawn permission for this sad sack cabal around Ortega, the current Nicaraguan President, to continue to represent itself as Sandinista by using his extremely popular music at their events. See news item, Sandinistas split over revolution hymn 3529

The Spears sisters genetic tree stump

Dumbshell Britney Spears' little sister is having a baby. The clan are mega millionaires, why shouldn't they decide what they please? Clearly they've already decided a premature preteen nose job is fine, even if your face is going to outgrow it. Time for another!   Baby at sixteen. Please. A young mother in Bangladesh is on her third by sixteen. Young Indonesian tsunami survivors were starting second families by sixteen. 2319

Democrats can expunge the good apples

Comedic point man Stephen Colbert has been deprived of his chance to run for office in the state of North Carolina. Both parties voted to keep him off the ballot. The move disheartened a lot of fans but surprised no one. That the Democrats did it is going to surprise my friend George. 2113

Ohm, the katoey

The world press took a brief respite from studying in detail Britney Spears, Hillary Clinton, and Paris Hilton to titillate us all with the grand search for one pedophile. 2037

General BetrayU.S. and Sen BetrayUs Salazar

3/4 of the Senators took time off from their busy schedule mainly promoting and enabling Bush's wars to condemn MoveON for running their tasteful ad about General BetrayU.S. I couldn't help noting how our very own triangulating senator Ken here in Colorado voted on this one. See Senate Repudiates MoveOn

‘Freedom Communications’ tap dances for wiretaps

The Gazette rag today took time out from its campaigning to increase global warming and campaigning to kill off more species of life to laud El Paso County for using wiretaps. See page A3 of Sept 17 'DA defends wiretapping'. 1929

Generals among the cherry trees

The Washington Post, uncredited for being a chief jingoist newspaper behind Bush's war making, weighed in on the General Petraeus Westmoreland testimony, indignant that of all things, the general's credibility should be questioned. 1889

The Godzilla Mac

Want to see the evolution of the Big Mac into The Japanese Mega Mac into the Chici Mac? 1861

Fencing in the Free Speech Movement with Uncivil Liberties

In Chicago, the Ditto-headed Right has fired noted scholar, Professor Norman Finkelstein, for being bothersome to Israel. In our very own Colorado they went after and got Professor Ward Churchill canned for being bothersome by his speaking the truth. But certainly things are better out at the University of California farm in Berkeley, are they not? Well, actually... 1859

Bush’s coming 9/11 speech

The corporate press is already ablaze about the coming Bush speech timed to September 11, and say that the theme will be about Iraq.   That is not the most likely scenario though about what the theme of this speech will be about, coming as it is from the 'decider', the aircraft carrier flak jacket dressed strutter, and the man who has played so well, the role, of being Oily Dick Cheney's vice president. 1853

Recasting the shadow of the bomb

Do you know what to make of the B-52 nuclear warhead story? I may have an idea. The reporting of this mishap was leaked, that is all we know. But whether it was an ordnance handling error or pure psych-ops, whether it was an intelligence leak or a whistle-blower putting the brakes on a development of sinister portent, the ball was handed to the corporate media, responsible for reporting to us the actual state of affairs in Iraq. Etc. 1847

Osama bin uncertain provenance

Arch-evildoer Osama bin Laden shows up for his annual gig, as per usual. His reputation proceeds him, but on whose lips? It's not even Sept 11, and here's his entrance: An Islamic website, reportedly a "media arm" of al-Qaeda, announces it will broadcast a video message from Osama. Suddenly the CIA is in possession of the tape, and then some private party called SITE is analyzing it. All before the public has been shown anything but a low resolution frame capture. Are anybody's fingerprints but ours on this message from Osama bin-our-nemesis?

The 2008 election is already over

Yes, didn't you know? Our corporations have already picked the next president of the US for you. Somebody called Hillary Giuliani. The 2112 'campaign' will be starting shortly.

Tucker Carlson sitting in a tree

Do you care whether Tucker Carlson head-bashed a gay man in a bathroom stall, or was on the receiving end, or wants to pretend he could have done it, or that it didn't happen at all? The point is, Carlson described it with a gay-bashing swagger, and his TV colleagues laughed about it like they would have loved to have been there. Gay bashing and laughing about it, is not only not PC, it's not acceptable. Tucker Carlson is a little creep for many reasons, and now for hate speech. Profuse apologies and commitment to sensitivity training or bye-bye. 1766

Not a homosexual, Craig is a hypocrite

When he says "I did nothing wrong," does conservative Senator Larry Craig mean: I did not lead the attack against gay rights as well as carp on and on about Bill Clinton's impropriety? 1755

Undercover urinal duty

What's with up with Republican legislators and men's rooms? I love that the media is complicit in trying to limit the damage: disorderly conduct, 'nuff said. Though I also loved the subversively dismissive: what happened was "he said, he said."   What are so many undercover cops doing in public men's rooms? If they are following these senators, fantastic. But I rather think they're targeting the usual suspects, gay men. 1732

Camp Bucca is not in Minnesota

I have done sort of a personal poll recently by asking folk if they have heard of Camp Bucca. Almost nobody has, since after Abu Ghraib Doctor Franken Rummy and Attorney General 'Cinco de Mayo' Gonzalez set out to hide away the continuation of Abu Ghraib from public (and media) scrutiny. 1729

Cindy Sheehan on Afghanistan

Oh, honey. It must seem like the peace movement in the US has forgotten about our troops in Afghanistan and the Afghani people. I know that I dont talk about that conflict enough, although I think that it is morally wrong, too. I know that our soldiers are dying and being harmed there, too. As much as the media doesnt cover whats happening in Iraq, it pays even less attention to Afghanistan. However, the peace movement is not united on Afghanistan, because many people think that it is a good war. I believe no such thing and I promise you that I will be more vigilant about exposing that war crime, too. 1563

Botulism erases brand name distinction

Nothing like a little botulism to blow the lid off brand identity. Does it make a difference whose label is on the can? Apparently not. Unless you can visualize factory assembly lines where some cans are prepared with better ingredients than others. Same suppliers, same machinery, same ovens, in this case the same inadequate cooking temperature. 1544

Hiring the homeless to picket?

I had tears of both laughter and sorrow in my eyes reading this lament by Bill Fletcher, a long time union radical, concerning the sad state the American labor unions have sunk to when they have to hire the homeless to picket for them. Actually, even worse is when they hire professional organizers to get whipped around the country from one organizing drive to the next, instead of local workers in the industry/ company trying to be organized? So why just point out the Carpenters Union alone for having lost its way? 1540