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Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

There is an American Right Winger urban myth, that all the hippie communists once spat on our beloved American soldiers constantly... and especially that the hippie communist chicks did so nonstop! Why just a few months ago, all those older Ron Paul lovers down at the local Occupy Colorado Springs scene were even telling me that they PERSONALLY had returned home in soldier uniform and were spit on by hippy-communist, US-soldier-hating chicks at the airport no less! Yeah... sure they had been! ...laughing and crying tears at the silliness of these so-called 'Occupiers' at the same time. How many Right Wing twits have told this story of being spit upon by 'hippies'?   YES- how idiotic these many copy cat clowns came off with their urban myth bull corn. So in response, let the following song be a tribute to all you soldiers and soldiers' significant others (both Gay and Straight, married and non-married), from a hippy communist singer, now 94 years old (Get a job, Seeger! Or at least get out of America, you damn Pinko!) Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Pete Seeger didn't spit on

I guess they couldn’t pass the physical…

Gratuitous plug for Endless War by the Country Music Awards just a couple of minutes ago. Something about "Wounded Warrior" being always in their hearts. Yeah, right. It's one thing for burnt out AlterKokkers like Ted Nugent and Merle Haggard getting up on stage and telling people that if they were only 50 years younger they'd go in the Army in a heartbeat and offering to have their bodyguards beat up anybody who questions their stupid shit. When 20-somethings, under-40 somethings who haven't pickled their feeble brains and could easily get in even if they have to take a waiver on the physical, moral or psychological parts, that's just STUPID and they should realize that no amount of chanting "9-11! 9-11!" or similar WEAK-ASS bullshit will make people think they really did wish they could go. John Wayne- "gee, I wish I could have gone over there and kicked Hitler's Ass or Tojo's Ass but couldn't pass the physical But the most highly decorated American of WW2, Audie Murphy, was too short not only for the draft but also for enlisting. Very famous case and all the John Wayne supporters who want to back up the lies of their big "brave hero" can