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What are US Special Forces doing in the Philippines? Killing Filipinos.

At a recent party, I ran into a friend who mentioned her son was in the Philippines. "He's in the Special Forces," she explained tentatively in view of her audience, adding disarmingly "who knows what they are doing there." I couldn't help but snap back "They're killing Filipinos is what they're doing."   I instantly regretted my cheap shot but spent the ensuing days rationalizing why the Philippines in particular should not have to abide American shoulder-shrugging. 18507

LTE, 1899: May the thunderbolt which is to fall from heaven upon this nation

For Independence day we might ask: is it more patriotic to support illegal wars than to oppose them? I'd like to revisit a century-old letter to the editor submitted to the Springfield Republican on April 21, 1899, by Caroline Hollingsworth Pemberton a few days after tax day. She wrote to defend another letter writer, critic of America's imperial expansion into the Philippines, accused of "treason" for suggesting that his taxes should not be funding a war of aggression. 18436

US allied Philippine government goes berserk in Mindanao

Yes, everywhere the US is spreading violence throughout the world, and much of it is poorly reported by the US corporate media. Such is the case in Mindanao Island now controlled by the US puppet regime of the Philippines HQed in Manila. The US-Philippine troops have now created yet another world refugee nightmare as their war has uprooted close to 400,000 people there. See the Reuters report More than 180 killed in Philippine fighting-army 4451