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Lazy thinking Americans want safe ‘change’ and they will only get Obama

Wow! 175,000 show up on one day in Missouri at Democratic Party rallies to help elect political hack, Barack Obama. They are looking for CHANGE, capital letters. Sadly to say they will only get Barack Obama into office, and that is no change anybody can really believe in at all. Except for lazy thinking Americans who want change that is actually more of the same thing... IMPERIALISM. 5177

Obama not to change a thing

Obama is not going to change a thing and that is not me saying it, but one of Obama's chief aides, or at least so thinks the Wall Street Journal. OCTOBER 3, 2008 Obama Adviser Doesn't Expect Defense Cuts 4987

Barack’s BIG accomplisment

COPY CAT LOSERS .....What is the big accomplishment of the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the United States? It is the rehabilitation of the sad sack Republican Party, that's what! Just read the latest poll results... McCain takes lead over Obama: poll 4308