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The Crawlers of St. Giles’s

This photograph by John Thomson appeared in a monthly magazine Street Life in London in 1877. Journalist Adolphe Smith added this caption: "Huddled together on the workhouse steps in Shortís Gardens, those wrecks of humanity, the Crawlers of St. Gilesís, may be seen both day and night seeking mutual warmth and mutual consolation in their extreme misery." 699


I sometimes read what I've written the night before and wonder why I have any friends at all. What a bloviator I am. I think that I have Multiple Personality Disorder (which is nothing to be ashamed of, Sybil). I feel like I'm writing from the heart and the next day I wake up, full of hope and good cheer, and I think "Who is this weird, arrogant, angry person who's taken possession of my body and mind?" 439