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Free Gary Tyler now!

We have tried to spotlight on this blog the injustice of how the state of Louisiana has been trying to destroy the lives of some young black kids in Jena, Louisiana. Lets' take a look some at what they have done to Gary Tyler who was another young Louisiana Black man when they took his life away in 1974.   Free Gary Tyler now!

See you in prison

Quietly, with little mention in the press, the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive was signed in May 2007. This directive places all governmental power in the hands of the President in the case of a catastrophic emergency (as defined by him alone). It also allows him to take control of the private and nonprofit sectors. It effectively abolishes the checks and balances built into the Constitution and demolishes the Bill of Rights. This is, of course, necessary to keep us safe in case of a national disaster. The "Unitary Executive" would be able to act quickly and decisively, without any interference from those other two annoying branches of government, slow-moving and contentious as they are. 1784

Prison labor

Chinese police confiscated this tourist's camera when she happened upon a prison workforce out in the fields. Nothing wrong with putting convicts to work? Say you have fields in need of workers, and you have the authority to step up arrests... for arbitrarily enforced violations like substance abuse... at just the peak time of need, say, for planting season, or the harvest...

Tasers in the hands of human nature

I happened upon videos of cops tasering arrestees. Gruesome scenes of obvious sadistic indulgence. Sometimes prolonged and repeated. 1659

‘Doctor’s Plot’ hysteria spreads to Australia

Three weeks after 9/11, I called back to make a follow-up appointment with my dermatologist, an Arab doctor working in a Border community in Texas. It turns out that the local hospital had fired him, though they said that a family emergency had been the reason he was no longer available. 1434

Hepatitis C and the US recipe for disaster

How incompetent is the US medical system? Take a look at Hepatitis C to find out. Over 1,000,000 US prisoners have acquired it and most are unaware and not getting treatment for it. Meanwhile, prison and medical authorities sleep on. Let's build some more prisons, how 'bout it? Prison's deadliest inmate, hepatitis C, escaping

The General’s Report- General Taguba, American hero

The General's Report really shows how the top Pentagon command and leaders of the Bush Administration fully authorized and supported the continued use of torture on American held Prisoners of War held at Abu Ghraib. They should all be in jail. 1381

’24’ and the high cost of idiocy

Now I think we can begin to put a precise figure on the high cost of idiocy. Here is what it took the Australian government in OZ dollars to get Hicks back out of direct US hands. A mere 1/2 million dollars for one single one way flight! 1288

US National Surveillance State issues out the national ID cards to us

There used to be a lot of worry about the government issuing a national identification card to all of us and then requiring us to carry it all the time so that they could monitor us, The People, all the time. Well now that they are actually slipping that noose half around our neck, the population of the US is without a bleep of protest against it. Maybe it is because the name of the national ID card sounds so familiar and appears as nothing much new? The national ID card is called a passport, and it will soon be required for all travel outside the US, even to Mexico and Canada. 1007

The tiers of torture inside American prisons

It's been ages since I saw an article in Time Magazine worth reading, but 'Are Prisons Driving Prisoners Mad?' does ask the right question It even goes so far as to answer the question honestly, and then to conclude that driving prisoners insane is in nobody's real interests. There is though another question which is, 'Are the Prisons Deliberately Driving Prisoners Insane?' I believe that the answer is YES, which in turn leads to yet another question. 'Why?' 994

Bush gives early Christmas gift to racists- turns INS loose on Latino workers

With Bush's press affairs going so badly for the Iraq Holy Christian Crusade againsts Arabs and Muslims, how to rally the kore Klan klowns around the flag once again? If the Middle East holy war for oil appears to be sputtering along on only one cylinder, why not jumpstart another holy crusade somewhere to distract people with? You know? What about the one that Anglo racists have going against the Spanish speaking? What a thought! 792

Guilt by association with the drunk tank

It used to be cameras were not allowed in the court room. Now they're permitted in the jail, where people have yet to have their day in court?   Under the pretext of holding a video conference with the judge, these people are given no chance to let the camera, and the public at large, see their best side.

Alcatraz of the Rockies

Who's being kept at SUPERMAX in Florence Colorado? Here's a Frommer's guide to the celebrity enemies of the state, actually an abridged list: 766

What authoritarian rule looks like

Several recent events have lead me to some dots that need connecting. The dots may seem wildly disparate: the kidnapping of peace workers in Iraq and Palestine, the recent NYT revelations of counter-protest tactics employed be the NYPD, and a French film about heavy-handed manipulation of political prisoners. 95

Bigger jails or bigger hearts

Nearly half a million people are now behind bars in the United States for nonviolent drug law violations, which is more than all of Western Europe -- with a larger population -- incarcerates for everything! 2686