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State senator John Morse the little shit

We stood outside City Hall today, holding our banners against the Pinon Canyon expansion. We watched the pro-military-business suits stream past us. Most were cordial, some pretended we were not there. A fully uniformed OIF soldier greeted us warmly, explaining that he'd been in Iraq twice and would go again in a heartbeat. He loved "killing the Iraqis and stacking them up like cord-wood. An enemy is an enemy" he said laughing as he ascended the steps.   But the worst was Colorado state senator John Morse, Democrat. 1762

Sen. Salazar surveys the public opinion

Ken Salazar has called a meeting at the COS City Council chambers Wednesday Aug 29 to solicit the opinion of local area representatives about the proposed Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site expansion. The public is invited to attend (10am tomorrow) but the 15 representatives have already been selected. Invited to speak are: 1721

Blackwater USA out of Sudan!

Last night, some misguided peace activists in Colorado Springs got together at 'Poor Richards' to call for more US-UN-EU intervention into Sudan. They want to stop the bloodshed in Darfur but seem oblivious to the actual realities of US global interventionism. Their get together comes just days after Joseph Biden, a Democratic Party presidential candidate, called for US troops to be sent into Sudan. 1292

We lose they lose

Protesting at the side of the street does seem futile at times, it certainly seems so just thinking about it. But out there catching each others eyes, you're reminded of its mysterious power, particularly when you're shown to what extent those against you are willing to go to keep you from being there. 1216

Bush threatening military intervention into Sudan (thanks to Democratic Party liberals)

Congratulations go out to the 'Save Darfur' community of liberals. How pleased you have to be now. Your campaign to send US troops and US directed troops to intervene in the affairs of yet another nation are now bearing fruit, and the Bush Adminstration is now mobilizing itself with Democrats to invade yet another country, that country being Sudan. Oh for sure you never called it a 'Send in the Troops campaign', but called it a 'Stop the Genocide' campaign instead. How clever! How so ever decent of you. 1214

AFRICOM and the US/ European drive to control Africa’s oil

The Center for International Policy has an excellent report about the newest US push to further militarize the continent of Africa and control the oil supplies located there. All of this is to be done under the propaganda cover of fighting terrorism, and through the establishment of the new African command operation center (AFRICOM) of the US military, which is already the military coordinator of US interventions into Somalia, into Chad and Sudan, and into Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, and where much of the African oil is located. 1088

Global Warming leaves The Gazette in dense fog

Funnier than the poor selection of comics that The Gazette carries, are the poor selection of opinion pieces on their editorial page. And on no issue do these Neanderthals post more comedy than on environmental issues. For example, they must be the last people on the entire planet still poo-pooing the idea that global climate has actually been changed by human activity and the overuse of fossil fuels! 1055

Save Darfur from us

Do you wonder how the word is getting out about Darfur? How is it Americans can't mobilize a decent opposition to the harm we're perpetrating in Iraq, but we can -seemingly by grassroots efforts alone- make a case for coming to the rescue of the people of Darfur? It's because taking action in Sudan means intervention. Taking action in Iraq means ceasing intervention. 806