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Pentagon and State Dept Call leaked information Crimes

Just, you know, not the CRIMES committed by their agents and soldiers, it's the revelation of those Crimes that's 'criminal'. No word yet on any prosecution against the Rove-Bush Kartel for making false statements that have directly led to the deaths of thousands of United States servicemen (each one a capital offense, according the the Bush Doctrine) and a literally uncounted number of Afghan and Iraqi civilians. Although the Wikileaks reports did add a substantial number to that count. No, the people who told massive lies to support starting and continuing the Mass Murder Campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, they're not the subject of the Criminal Investigation, run in large part by Investigators who ARE Criminals. It's once again come down to prosecuting people for telling the Truth.

Two “american civilians” killed at firing range in Afghanistan

And two Afghans. The "american civilians" is a code routine which means "Blackwater or Equivalent Mercenary Thugs who might or might not actually even be americans". So much for those "civilians" carrying guns and wearing uniforms and training other murderers how to do it. Now, how about the 120 REAL civilians, Afghans, mostly CHILDREN, murdered at Granai by United States Uniformed Military who were then given a free pass on any prosecution for their crimes? Or the ONE U.S. Soldier who is currently in a Military Prison in Iraq for exposing not just the MURDERS, of which the Afghan people were fully aware, but the LIES told by the U.S. Military to justify those MURDERS? 18904

McCain says Khandahar key to victory in Afghanistan…

He fails to note that the U.S. isn't going to share in whatever victory happens. Might be on the RECEIVING end of that "victory". I'd take him a tad bit more seriously as a War Pundit if he were to relinquish both his interest in controlling the war AND his investments which will only pay out if there's no final victory or end to that war. And if his Sole Claim To Fame was that he got busted doing a continuous and constant 9/11 style Mass-Murder War Crime against a nation which had (mutually) never declared war against the US and the US had never declared war against them. And instead of being executed like Murderers often are, he was held as a P.O.War even though it technically wasn't a War. Same with Richard Cheney. Same also with the British Crown and their family investments. All in all it has a strong aroma to it. General McChrystal has a similar history to McCain, his daddy got him through the Academy by pulling rank, same way Admiral McCain got his Loser son through the Academy. 18358

Alfred Lownstein and Carrion Fowl Capital

We got our satellite TV today, and on History International there's "History's Mysteries". War Profiteer/Wall Street Weasel (ok, so the European version thereof) financier Lownstein is flying across the English Channel. End of life history is he's reported to go to the bathroom in his private plane and disappeared Found dead later. My thought, the crew took out the trash and jettisoned it over the Channel. Good riddance to bad rubbish. So why is an 80 year old murder important? The commercials. Borrow money from this start-up upstart bank that I've not heard of before. Buy gold. Sell your "unwanted" gold at a smaller price of course. 17513

BBC Headline: BP to decide

BP to make decision on 'top kill' plan to stem oil leak uhh... Yeah. Like they're in a position to dictate terms. If they really ARE in a position to dictate terms then we, the people of the world, are well and truly screwed. (I was going to say "fucked" but then that would be potty mouth) I realize that "The Crown" has a large investment in BP as well as the BBC. They also have a large investment in the continuing occupation and attempted subjugation of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Gaza and coming soon to a War Theatre near you, Iran. The term "calling the shots" almost applies, it's really an artillery term for the person who looks to see where the shells have hit and tells the cannoneers, essentially firing blind from their perspective (deaf, too) to adjust the angles of the gun-barrels to hit the targets more precisely. The "targets" being "Human Beings" a point that I compel myself to make at every opportunity. But who gets to "call the shots"? 17424

Western Capitalist Civilization So Very Superior it has to be explained with lies

After, of course, acknowledging the FACT that the so-called WMDs excuse was a blatant lie, Gordon Brown goes further by saying the "Operation Iraqi Freedom" bullshit was also a lie. The harshest part of it? The Right Wing Freaks STILL eat it up with a spoon and call it delicious. Like the Tea-Party. And insist that they're also "fighting for freedom" by Denying Health Care to Americans, a practice that would, in a truly civilized world, be called Murder. 15545

Iraqi Oil for Beginners

Iraqi Oil for Beginners is artist-in-exile Jon Sack's account of a century of Iraq history dominated by the fight over its oil. The 31-page comic can be ordered through the publisher Voices in the Wilderness UK or from Housmans.   Sack means his graphic novel to enlighten western readers about the real US and UK motives behind the occupation of Iraq, hopefully before Iraqi legislators are finally coerced into privatizing the oil industry and putting it all in US hands.

What do you say to a war profiteer?

"Are you opposed to letting him speak?"   No. (But it's dangerous to let war-mongers speak unopposed.) Let Woolsey address the CC community about America opting for green energy sources. (Hopefully his motive isn't for the oil companies to pick up the patents on alternative energy production and sit on them, as they've done for solar technology.) 1986

US suppliers of prewar Iraqi WMDs

Iraq was forced in 2002 to supply documentation of their weapons programs. They delivered a 12,000 page report to the UN Security Council, from which the US censored 8,000 pages. A Swiss reporter with Die Tageszeitung was able to obtain the missing pages which revealed who among US and European companies were responsible for building Saddam Hussein's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons programs. Parts of the UK press carried the story. Except for Democracy Now and an abridged mention in the AP, the story was buried in the US. Here is the list of 24 US companies (includes locals Hewlett-Packard). 1800

’24’ and the high cost of idiocy

Now I think we can begin to put a precise figure on the high cost of idiocy. Here is what it took the Australian government in OZ dollars to get Hicks back out of direct US hands. A mere 1/2 million dollars for one single one way flight! 1288

Privatized war

Jeremy Scahill testified before a Congressional panel about war sub-contracting by the Pentagon last week. It was pretty damning testimony and spreads the light about how so many private companies have no desire to see the endless war ever end, since their profit making is tied to continued hostilities. How many of these companies operate in Colorado Springs?

Artillery fodder, and cheap!

I've got an algebra problem for you. If there are approximately the same number of private contractors, which we'll denote as (m) -for mercenaries, as there are reservists and active duty soldiers, which we'll denote as (s), in Iraq; and if each mercenary (m) earns ten times as much per day as a soldier (s); how much of the supplemental war allocation is slated to "support the troops?" 1207

The world’s top ten most polluted places

The Blacksmith Institute's top ten most polluted places tells an interesting story. One can't help but note that five of the top ten worst spots are in regions of the former Soviet Union. The business community of the US and their conservative ideological supporters will certainly point the finger at 'communism' for this. But let's take a closer look, too. Worldwide, what are the activities that most pollute our planet, no matter what kind of economy is involved? The answers would be; mining and war making. 1140

From Dallas to Dubai, Oh Why?

How was it that my former employer, Halliburton, has floated from Dallas to Houston to now, Dubai? JR, where are you? You left the ranch! 1108

New Iraqi oil laws made in USA

There is since the days of legal slavery, probably no worse example of theft written into law than the proposed new Iraqi oil laws will be when passed. Written first in English by the US oil companies and their US government co-conspirators, they were recently re-translated back into our home tongue from Arabic by an Iraqi blogger, Raed Jarrar. Key word here is PRIVATIZATION, and it won't be for the benefit of any minuscule Iraqi companies still in existence. 1065

Conspicuous accountancy

The General Accounting Office says they don't have enough manpower to audit the Iraq reconstruction contracts. So much money has been spent, and so much of it has vaporized, that there isn't staff enough to follow it.   I ask you, imagine the white-collar power to abscond with that loot! 945

Caterpillar destroys homes

Caterpillar Tractor builds a line of armored bulldozers specifically for use to demolish homes in war zones, in this case Palestinian homes which Isreal orders destroyed.

Lockheed and Bush are LunarTicks

I just love this new Bush plan to militarize green cheese! It's all very Ray Bradbury even. Let's put the Pentagon on the moon!   The way this is announced is to try to convince people that all their tax payer money is not going for warfare from way up high, but will just be an innocent little moon rock expedition. Of course, none of this will actually go as scheduled. By the time 2020 Space Odyssey roles around, the US will have a national debt of about a google's google of dollars.