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“My Country right or wrong” guarantees country always Wrong.

Because it gives the warmonger faction a free pass to do whatever they wish with a built in automatic “patriotic” support. Wrap political bullshit with “The Flag” and all you get is a filthy smelly flag.
The same with the notion that a foreign nation, say, a puppet state like Israel, can do no wrong. Add in that some of the people in that puppet nation feel they have a God given right to rule the entire world. Is it friendship for that country or ours, for either to pick fights for the other to finish? Would you consider it a benefit to your more personal friends or family, to constantly provoke battles that they would have to fight? No? Then it’s not friendship multiplied by the numbers making up National status.

In the 1970s there was a bumper sticker with “My country, if it’s right keep it so, if not make it so” but that has too many words in it to be a clever catchphrase.

But we do Israel no good nor America, if we back their governments unconditionally.