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$35 iNDIApad running Linux reveals iPad users pay for intellectual property

While MIT has been racing to design the world's first $100 computer, India has performed an end-run at a third the price, and it's a tablet no less. Running with open-source software, as genuine volks-werks will, the iNDIAPAD will reach third world schoolchildren for $35, developers at the India Institute of Science hope even as low as $10. Absent keypad and hand crank, but with camera, touchscreen and wireless. Which begs the question of course, what indispensable features drive Apple prices? Bill Gates earned his fortune on them. Patents.

Customizing a WordPress installation

Want to make some adjustments to your Wordpress blog? I always have trouble unearthing the variable names to plug into the code. To the Wordpress developers' credit, WP variables are usually self-explanatory, but that still requires an explanation. Here are some tweaks we've added to our Tallgrass theme: Comment Author IP You might want to display a commenter's IP directly in the comments, if you need to discourage rampant aliases. The variable for the IP recorded for each comment is comment_author_IP. In admin mode on your site, simply go to EDIT THEME and pull up the [comments.php] page. Insert the code below in the comment loop, where you want the IP shown. We put it after the comment author. <?php comment_author_IP(); ?> Listing the post author for each individual post Appending a Google News friendly numeric serial to the post slug More customizations to follow.