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The Egyptian equivalent of TeaBags…

Anderson Cooper was attacked in Egypt while reporting by Mubarak supporters. Anderson Cooper talked to The Huffington Post from Cairo on Wednesday night, and described what happened to him this morning, when he and his crew were attacked by a group of supporters of President Hosni Mubarak. 22608

Doug Bruce v. Dogbert

See, this guy is an archetype of So-Called "Conservative" ethos. He milks his position as a pig, Former prosecutor that is, first with the "Back the Badge" morons who actually believe that "The Policeman is always right", made God-damn sure that no Colorado Springs Gestapo Agent was ever actually prosecuted for Police Brutality. This doesn't mean, to a Rational and Sane Person, that no acts of Police Brutality ever occurred in the Springs, just that the perpetrators, prosecutors and Judges acted in collusion to protect their Fellow PIGS. But we're not talking Rational and Sane people here, we're talking-Back the Badge Conservative Morons. 21068

By the way, this ain’t whining

It's a direct challenge and answer to those who say that they, their "troops" and the Police actually fight for freedom of speech when they quite clearly do not. It's ME calling each and every one who says that a LIAR, directly. It's ME pointing out that YOU, personally, have no courage, no honor, no dignity and it's an in-your-fat-piggy-lying-face "Whatcha gonna do about it Byotch?" Well, it's really obvious what you'll do, stand back and sic the Gestapo Goon-squad Stormtroopers on me or anybody else who actually uses Free Speech for something other than praising the Dictatorship. You're free to praise the Dictatorship and the Babykilling War, I'm not in any way trying to force you into silence. But when you have your "freedom fighters" do what they do best, fight freedom everywhere and everytime it rears its head, you really make yourselves look not only like the Cowardly Liars you truly are, but stupid as well, by chanting Retarded slogans like "they're fighting for your freedom". Challenging any one of you to a one-on-one demonstration, that's futility. But, it's out there, and every time you spout off about it, at least a few, and then a few more, and a few more...