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Saint Paddy’s Day Massacre… with a slice of Turkey on the side.

There's also Turkey. "Model Democracy" of the Muslim world according to the Pentagoons and the Terror-State Department. Shaped and molded with American Taxpayer dollars since the end of World War One. My brother-in-law the Air Force Sergeant lets slip a little more than the Air Force would be comfortable divulging, but hey, they used to sell tee-shirts and bumper stickers at the BX saying "Peace is our profession --Killing is our Hobby."(Everything after the dash is an add on, the motto is that of Strategic Air Command, {defunct} which is now split into Space Command, Bomber Command and Missile Command... The ones with the nukes) and the ever-popular "we are here to win your hearts and minds (actual mission statement courtesy of General Westmoreland) ... Or just burn down your God-Damn huts." 15133

Onward Christian Cowards

You can hold forums attended by the faithful, or beat your breast where only the choir can hear, but when there's a crowd, you're a regular shrinking violet. The meek don't inherit the earth, they inherit the dirt. Last Saturday the Colorado Springs PPJPC didn't tell its members about the opportunity to participate in the city's biggest parade. And it declined to lend Coloradans For Peace the green flags with which it had marched the year before. What exactly are local citizens supposed to think is happening in the local peace community?

Are you in any of the parade pictures?

COLORADO SPRINGS- The Coloradans For Peace parade entry got good coverage this year, from KRDO13, FOX21, and the GAZETTE, which reported the full text of our banner. Reporter Lance Benzel interviewed a number of us, and I was hoping to see one of the responses he was tickled to get from Devon, aged 11. Asked whether she was fazed by sporadic negative responses, she replied "No. They're just uninformed." 6963

Ireland did not like occupation either

I think there's an interesting St Patrick's Day theme in the making... Americans have always opposed occupation. Irish Americans supported the IRA's fight against the British. And wasn't our first mantra "Don't Tread on Me?"

We will miss you Elizabeth

If there is a heaven, I have no doubt that you have already spoken to Jesus and have begun to argue politics with him right as I write. Give him Hell, Elizabeth! Somebody needs to hold him and his dad accountable, and you are the one with the spirit to do it, too.

Elizabeth Fineron

Dear friend and peace cohort Elizabeth Fineron has died. She was found this morning in her apartment. Elizabeth had been suffering complications from recent surgeries and was released from the hospital Monday. Arrangement details to follow.   This is my favorite photograph of Elizabeth, in the aftermath of the 2007 St Patricks Day Parade ordeal. But obviously I like that it shows her steely determination. I'll be posting more of her near-always smile.

Letter to the PPJPC from a member

peter sprunger-froese writes: Comrades. . . Without belittling the positives of our parade experience, Saturday's potluck discussion of it suggests to me we are in danger of overlooking important negatives. Irony beckons us to see at best a "mixed bag" in our part of the parade. Otherwise our own learning stops and history becomes meaningless. Details aside, over-arching and most troubling in my mind was the presence of the "Honor the troops..." banner on each side of the bus. Not wanting to be an individualistic sourpuss on our group, i continued to walk, yet how tempting it was to exit. As soon as i saw the banner i knew our peace message would be as non-controversial and without substance as that of the billions in this world who imagine peace and national primary loyalties can stand side by side. 2953

What they didn’t want to see last year

What they didn't want you to see last year... no thrown bottles, no jeers, but crowds cheering for peace! Channel 11 reported "their message was still not received well by everyone" but interviewed only a single detractor who asserted that we weren't supporting the troops. One out of thousands of friendly waving peace signs. A statistical lie. 2860

Saint Patricks 2008 in Colorado Springs

Here's the usual advanced notice: JOIN US TOMORROW AT THE 2008 StPATRICK'S DAY PARADE! The Justice & Peace will be staging at Monument between Tejon and Cascade, anticipating no trouble. Gathering at 11am, parade starts at noon, probably we'll be setting off about 1pm. PEACE NOW. We're slated to march 87th in the procession, several units behind the inflatable marine. Now that social issues ARE allowed, neither the junior soldiers nor Hooters are on the roster this year.

Bleeding Hearted Liberals running small check-list businesses make my heart bleed

All around America there are bleeding hearted liberals running small businesses... small social service businesses. As a general rule, too, liberals don't run businesses very well. They're too damn dumbly soft and sweet, that's why. So we can begin to understand why all these 'reform groups' (like the local area's Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission.. for just one example) don't make much profit for the people they claim to be serving (even as they keep them out in droves from their social advocacy groups, run as small 'businesses'). 2687

Gazette readers show their stuff

They're still going at it at the Gazette, readers invective on the Feb 2 Saint Patrick's Day parade article have kept it among the top commented stories, although you'd hardly recognize the subject.   It's still plenty hurtful and doesn't represent the public nor the sentiment of support I get almost daily. 2629

Policing by America’s Reich

Last week it was news about a woman named Hope in New York, whose cousin had called the police because another cousin had sexually molested her. When the police came they ended up arresting the victim, taking her to jail, then assaulted her again with 7-8 heavy and thuggish cops jumping on her, stripping the clothes off her, and leaving her naked in a jail cell!   Just yesterday, millions of Americans saw police dump a paralyzed man out of his wheelchair onto the floor of the police station, like he was just so much trash. Where do these attitudes and policing methods come from? How did the cops get to think that this sort of stuff is normal in the US? 2608

Speaking for the city speaking for Army

The Gazette announced that the PPJPC has been invited to join in this year's St Patrick's Day parade. But they've framed the peace advocates as "protesters" instead of participants like any other, unlike the pro-war military cheerleaders for example. Why wouldn't the PPJPC also be considered cheerleaders for peace? Even more telling, the Gazette summarized the parade organizer's decision to tolerate social issues as "The Springs has lifted a ban..." This suggests that the decision making about the parade has been where we had always expected, in the hands of the city.

St Patricks Day denoument chronicled

Council must prevent parade pandemonium John Weiss INDY editorial, Dec 6 Largest US Civil Disobedience Movement Underway, Dec 6 Ousted protesters unsure of trying luck at St. Patty's parade ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, Dec 1 City attorney says prosecution is 'not in the public interest' CS GAZETTE, Nov 29 2248

To John Weiss, INDY peace ambassador

Dear John, I'm sorry to have let you down in your efforts to negotiate a settlement with the city on the Saint Patrick's Day affair. I have always valued your advice and I remain hopeful that the city will consider a reconciliation over this matter. 2207

Regarding dismissal of St Patricks Day

Here is the language for a press release about the dismissal of criminal charges against the remaining SPD7-5. Pick and choose to taste:   I'm very happy that the city has decided to drop the charges. It confirms, despite their statement to suggest the opposite, that they did not have cause to arrest us, and should not have interfered with our rights as citizens to freedom of expression unmolested by the city. 2206

St Patricks case dismissed with caveat

The city has decided to drop the charges against myself and Elizabeth, which would be, roughly, about time. This is a pleasant development, made even more so by the arrogance of their official statement, a slap in the face with a policeman's black glove to anyone who might suggest they had behaved badly. Though the City attorney's Office is seeking a dismissal, they want us to know a "review found ample and sufficient evidence ... to continue with the prosecution."   Have I recounted yet my take on the first trial? 2186

BookmoBille missed at Veterans prade

This note was sent to the Bookman after Veterans Day. Enclosed was a clipping about the death of the pilot of the Enola Gay, who would not be memorialized with a headstone for fear of attracting protesters. The sender expected us to try to crash the parade apparently, confusing the Bookman and cohorts for the Phelps Family funeral hecklers.