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Fencing in the Free Speech Movement with Uncivil Liberties

In Chicago, the Ditto-headed Right has fired noted scholar, Professor Norman Finkelstein, for being bothersome to Israel. In our very own Colorado they went after and got Professor Ward Churchill canned for being bothersome by his speaking the truth. But certainly things are better out at the University of California farm in Berkeley, are they not? Well, actually... 1859

Bad Paste

How even and just is our American law! We are all equal under the law, both rich and poor, if we use bad paste. Big bad paste in protest of the US's current genocide of the Iraqi people even.   No wonder our wonderful law enforcement officers had to throw the book at these DC rif-raf. Police break up meeting of subversive pasters This is the type of strict law enforcement that makes our courts such wondrous theaters! 1844

Charges that might stick

To all supporters of the SPD7, please forgive our dropping our eyes from the ball. The city charged us with intentionally obstructing the parade, and we got caught up refuting the argument.   After the mistrial, we the defendants are now being led to understand that the city is pondering other charges, perhaps failure to disperse, perhaps resisting arrest. Fine. None of us failed to respond to a legal order, nor resisted arrest, even considering no one was being told we were being arrested. But that is to catch us up in another semantic argument. 1722

I know what you did last spring

We were able to obtain these prosecution photos during the trial. Officer Paladino has finally released Esther from a painful arm-bar. The sign (obscured by a balloon from the Chipotle parade unit passing beside us) reads KIDS NOT BOMBS. 1710

Hung jury is defeat for police and city bosses

In the end, the decision by the defense attorney to let the police and parade organizers do all the talking is what got a hung jury. In short, it was the witnesses for the prosecution that did all the blabbing contrary to what the reactionary daily paper, The Gazette, would have wanted to image to the public. Only Elizabeth Fineron testified as a defendant and her testimony was quiet and reasonable. The prosecution witnesses came off as a little too slick at times, and quite a bit incompetent at others. 1703

The J&P fails to argue its case in court

For weeks now, I have had a sense of impeding doom as the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission has consistently failed to adequately argue the case of the Saint Patrick's Day Seven police attack in the court of public opinion. The issue of how the city used its police force in a brutal manner to suppress the citizens right to express their opinions in public was not put forth in a strong manner, but rather increasingly was replaced with a love fest with the police chief, orchestrated by a religious pacifist contingent that only has seeked to underline its eternal commitment to turning the other cheek. 1701

Day in court for police brutality

The recent CS Independent update on the St Patrick's Day Seven left the unfortunate impression that police brutality has become a less significant component of the events that day. In reality our lawyer wants his defendants to answer for our guiltless actions without demeaning ourselves making counter accusations of excessive force. 1688

Police foreknowledge on St Patricks Day

We used to joke around the fire at Camp Casey about whether we were being surveilled or infiltrated by agents or disruptors even, as has been done with historic regularity to opposition political groups and their organizers. Even to discuss it today with CPIS or PPJPC feels self-aggrandizing. We know ourselves that we do not pose such a threat that law enforcement would need to monitor our actions. 1595

CSPD Officer Erwin Paladino of 2003

Has it been made clear enough in the multitude of retellings of the events of St. Patrick's Day 2007, that an Officer Erwin Paladino was the chief agitator in the police camp? He directed the arrests and handled most of them with two chief accomplices, guy with taser and guy of choke-hold. (Maybe not coincidentally the three men in blue in our T-shirt advert image at right.) The other of the fourteen policemen on the scene stood in the wings to receive us as we were removed from the parade route. 1592

Witnesses to the St Patricks Day arrests

If you were a witness to the parade events on March 17 this year, please contact the PPJPC if you haven't already. The CSPD has amassed two 3-ring binders full of accounts from their sympathizers which attest to the peace participants striking the officers with their banners and otherwise resisting arrest. Missed, it seems, by any of the bystander videos. If you wish to shed an altogether different light on the scene, please call the PPJPC or the ACLU and they can put you in touch with the defense lawyers.

Dragging antiwar vets through the mud

Here below is the case of an antiwar vet being dragged through the mud. ......... Ron: What are the potential punishments if they bust you? 1386

US Military Spy on Hundreds of Antiwar Demos

The Pentagon spied on hundreds of antiwar demos says the ACLU. Unfortunately, many activists in the proPeace crowd (and even the ACLU itself) seem to act as if they cannot draw the logical conclusions from this and act accordingly. Instead of helping publicize this reality of police and military surveillance and disruption of Peace proponents and their activism, they act as if doing so might be a hindrance and derailment of the Antiwar Movement! Therefore they run from the fight when it gets down and dirty. Isn't that sad? 1382

St Patrick’s Day Six plus One

Get a lawyer! Get a lawyer! Yes, go get a lawyer! In days gone past, people would shout, 'Get a witch doc, he will intervene for you with the Gods!' Well, us Justice and Peace folk got a lawyer for the St Patrick's Day Seven, and we seem just as credulous as the most primitive of people about this magician playing against the legal Gods on behalf of those criminally charged. 1379

Unpublished response to Gazette editor

Gazette editorial supervisor Sean Page thinks he's clever to admonish the St Patrick's Day Seven for disturbing the peace. Unseemly for pacifists, he derides, haha. Ala Rodney King he asks: why can't you give peace a chance? 1335

Police Chief Richard ‘Liars’ Myers

In the last week I have had 3 opportunities to see the new Colorado Springs police chief, Richard Myers, do his job as public relations head of the law enforcement division of the Springs City Government. Because of what I have seen of him in a little less than one week, I feel that Myers is totally deserving of having 'Liars' Myers become his new nickname. 1272

2003 police over-reaction under-revisited

In March of 2003, as an invasion of Iraq loomed ever imminent, citizens of 800 cities worldwide mounted the largest peace rally in history. In Colorado Springs three thousand people assembled in Palmer Park to urge President Bush to chose diplomacy instead of war. The participants were peaceful, but the police incited frustrations by diverting traffic from Academy Boulevard which prevented drivers from seeing the anti-war banners and eventually used tear gas to prompt the crowd to disperse. 1265

John O’Donnell mistaken for Democrat

What does it mean to be a progressive Democrat in Colorado Springs? I'll tell you, it means shit. No matter how progressive you are, or how democratic. You're judged by the company you keep and Democrats stick themselves with lousy company. 1208

St Patrick’s hooters

Well here's some absolutely salacious news -that may not be the word I mean- on the much over-talked subject of the St Patrick's Day parade. The PPJPC was accused of having crashed the parade, of having signed up under a false pretense, the BOOKMOBILE, even though we'd done the same thing a year before. But guess who really did crash the parade? The Hooters Girls!   Hooters was not among the registered parade participants, but marched with entry #56, the Colorado Springs Fire Department. But I guess nobody deemed the Hooters message of family-fun-in-orange-rayon to be either social or objectionable.   On a recent note, parade organizer John O'Donnell was just asked if the PPJPC would be permitted to march in next year's parade. He said "no."

Investigate this

While the CSPD investigates reports that its officers employed excessive force at The 2007 John O'Donnell St. Patrick's Day Parade, you can check out this collection of news segments which feature the St Patrick's police surge on home-video footage. (Courtesy of Mark Lewis) Fast forward to these select items: At the 5:27 mark, Frank Cordero in an illegal choke hold, At 5:04, Molly Eaves being held by the throat, At 3:30, Elizabeth Fineron knocked down by two police officers, and At 3:14, dragged swifty across the pavement.

St Paddy’s green peace symbol t-shirts

Bright lime 100% cotton Beefy-Ts with white peace symbols printed on both front and back. Available in a lady's cut too. Buy through Paypal for US$19.95 each postage paid. 1188