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Wasn’t the Recession simply terrible?!

From the infamous 1931 sign above a bread-and-soup line showing a happy smiling family smartly dressed riding in their new car... Dow Jones doesn't "slide" below 10k... it "plunges." OOPS. The accompanying picture on AP shows a bunch of floor traders looking up like baby turkeys drowning in the rain, with their mouths wide open watching their each individual Apocalypse coming down, drop by drop. Same expression on their faces too. Eat the rich.

Leave it to pirates to run honest bourse

With investment bankers trying to weasel another broker's percentage from a carbon-credit trading system, comes a living example of rudimentary venture capitalism. In Haradheere, Somalia, there's a stock market for pirates, by comparison, something benefiting all participants. 12094

the short end of the stick

It was one of the greatest heists in history. The scene? London, 1660. The perpetrator? England's King Charles the II. The loot? All the gold he could con out of the country's goldsmiths, bankers and businessmen. The tool?   A tally stick. 6421

Market spooked!!!

Morgan and Goldman plummet, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) in talks. World economy crumbles beneath weight of worthless dollars.