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Failed Musicians, Earning Potential and Tort Reform

Charlie Manson, David Koresh... described as “failed musicians” because they played the guitar, and like the vast thundering herd of people who pick the git-fiddle they didn’t make a career of it. Adolf Hitler, a “failed artist” even though, in the economic blight of inter-bellum Vienna, he actually DID make a modest living selling painted postcards on the street. John Wilkes Boothe, said to be a “Failed actor” by some who had never trod the boards. Because their names are vilified and the demonization of their memory has to be complete. .Something you’d practically have to be a Documentary Junkie to notice, maybe after a marathon of History Channel BioPics.. Fairly subtle. Insidious even. What’s almost but not quite as subtle as a Taser to the testicles or a sledgehammer to the lower skull/first vertebra is the demonization of working class people throughout the world in Tort. The civil liability sections of law. In civil court, “earning potential” is taken seriously. So seriously, in fact, that it proves the LIE of the Capitalist Dream which is foisted onto the workers, that if we work hard and diligently, do a good job putting money into the pockets of our Wealthy Masters, we,

The Thai Monarchist mob

We have been watching from afar the activities of the Thai Monarchist mob as they have occupied Bangkok's airport and received the complicit support of the Thai military, which refused to disperse them. This has been no 'people's protest' at all but rather a Right Wing mob, all comparable to the one the US mobilized recently in Eastern Bolivia to try to divide Bolivia into two parts and remove Evo Morales from power there. 5665

Thailand and American servicemen

It's no great secret, but due to the American military presence in SE Asia of the '60s and '70s, Thailand today is still the great sex tourism destiny for many, not least of are for the ex-military of all nations, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Germans, as well as all our own GI Joes. No better description of this scene can be found than in the 'international bar' set of the movie Star Wars, and even better is its burlesque by Richard Pryor... Star Wars Bar. 3010