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New Yorker cover sparks controversy, inserts cop among lives that matter

The New Yorker Magazine's MLK Day issue has everyone upset. It's not that there are no women in the march, sorry. That's another issue. Marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are now iconic men of color whose lynchings have sparked recent protests. There's Eric, Trayvon, Michael, and ...WTF, one of the NYC cops whose murder might be attributable to the unrest. Maybe. But it wasn't due to his race. To the elite, these lives may be equivalent, and to hell with #BlackLivesMatter. One of these things doesn't belong here, one of these things just isn't the same. One of these things killed all the other, including Martin. WHICH OF THESE MARCHERS WASN'T KILLED BY A COP, WANNABE-COP, OR THE US GOVERNMENT?

‘We want an arrest. Shot in the chest!’

Thousands upon thousands of marchers today were active nationwide demanding that justice be served on George Zimmerman for his assassination of Travon Martin in Florida, with whom he started a confrontation with because he thought it suspicious that a Black teenager was walking in his neighborhood. Americans simply cannot allow gun toting nuts to kill people ad lib and have local cops take no action to prosecute these racially paranoid fools. Shame on the Sanford, Florida police for how they mishandled the case! Shame on America for largely having accepted as the norm the routine racism of American municipal police forces for so damn long. See Trayvon Martin marchers to Sanford, Fla., police: 'We want an arrest. Shot in the chest' ...Yes, we want George Zimmerman arrested for his murder of Trayvon Martin NOW!