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US backed terrorists continue attacks on Syrian government supporters

‘Two car bombs exploded minutes apart in a suburban residential area of Damascus on Wednesday, killing at least 45 people and injuring 120, Syrian media reported. The blasts targeted an area called Jaramana populated by Christians and Druze, minority groups that have mostly supported the Syrian regime. Although no group claimed responsibility for the blasts, it had the trademarks of al Qaeda-affiliated organizations.’ See the latest news from Syria

Obama continues to support the military dictatorship in Yemen

The US government continues to support military dictatorship in Yemen as well as doing the exact same thing in Bahrain. The excuse as always in the Middle East is that it is part of the fight against a basically now totally defunct Al Qaeda. Actually US government continuing support to the dictatorships of the Middle East is a form of state sponsored terrorism against the Arab people. The US government is supporting terrorism in the Middle East as it has also been doing in Latin America. 33541