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Ignorance, fearmongering and lies prevail again

Doug Bruces fat smug lying face on the news this morning saying that City Council was rebuffed by his Prop 300. Bruce, you Lying Puke, the City Council for as long as I've been here, has at your bidding joined you in licking the BALLS of your Rich-Bitch Masters. 10995

Springs Utilities and “Right to Work” law

Which is really the "right to fire you if you get injured on the job or if you seek fair compensation for your labor or if you form (or join an existing) an organization which represents the workers to ensure the Equal Protection Under the Law and right to petition the Government for redress of grievances" law. 7353

Corporate Welfare Queens demand more war at Keystone family picnic Jun 23-25

"Integrating Air, Space, and Cyberspace Domains" is the theme of this year's War in Outer Space crowd. Yes, these corporate Welfare Muthers will be bringing the kids to the summer picnic in Keystone Colorado next week. There's so much to do at this Vail Resort property! I hear the food will be just marvelous! Space Warfare Symposium And the scenery! 3573

Higher food prices now being driven by higher fuel prices

We can now see the first effects of the world energy crisis, as local grocery stores are creeping their prices of basic foods upward. The dollar stores also are not exactly dollar stores these days, and never will be again. There are two reasons for these price hikes. 3157

Lions and foxes and bears oh my!

this one is a follow up to the Neighborhood Fox thread I commented about. We had a cougar. of course. He (or she, I ain't getting close enough to check its genitals) is apparently coming around more frequently, our neighbor across the alley, not living there any more, but the low roof of the house, had cougar tracks in the snow. On the roof. We had the large deer maybe elk but I'll go with deer, a buck, was in the yard New Years. Does are more regular, the bucks are usually up the mountain somewhere. 858