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Readying Articles of Impeachment

Counter-recruitment strategy 1-2-3

Unlawful combatants. That’s US! We have an illegal war, we are the unlawful combatants.

War: where the money goes on an individual basis. How soldiers or their spouses or survivors spend their money.

Sandwich board advertising was ubiquitous image of the Great Depression, signs of a time when labor could be had for cheap and job prospects were scarce. Seen those signs around lately?

Bully on playground. Started it, now must keep hand on throat or victim will retaliate.

Journalists getting killed, the good news.

Walmart “We are in business for small business.” Yeah, to eat ’em.

Conspiracy theories: real ones: KFJ link to Mad Cow, Breakfast cereal prices

God Damn You War Mongers

If you were a feudal landlord.

If Hezbalah must return the two Israeli soldiers, Israel must return the Lebanese infrastructure it has bombed.

Martin Luther King: “Everything we see is but a shadow projected by the things we don’t see.”