Ask Saint Peter

Looking for your navel? Ask Jeeves. Think you can save you navel? Ask Saint Peter!

Do you comfort yourself in believing in a compassionate god who will pardon your foibles, your aquiescence -even your participation- in the earth’s ills?

How far exactly do you plan to stretch the bounds of that forgiveness?

It’s hard certainly to do anything without treading on someone: ignoring the plight of the poor, ravaging nature, exploiting others. Does that make your inaction redeemable? Are you making token offerings to distract from the harm you do?

ASK SAINT PETER is an idea for a site to which sinners might unwittingly come to receive abuse and understand they deserve it. Mostly it’s about what people do for a living and the guilt they should accept for their actions. Perhaps leading them to make a change.

Without an enviro-vigilante A-team to take these ill-mongers to task, where can we look for moral advice with a bite?

Haven’t we all met someone who will say “I’m a telemarketer” or “I sell siding” or “I work for Exxon.” They all say it apologetically, and we classify them as perhaps exceptions to the average of the peoples involved in odious activities. Well, who isn’t thinking of themselves as the exception?

I have a friend who explores the northern provinces of Canada looking for oil. He considers himself a naturalist. He rationalizes that someone else’s actions in his place might be much more aggregeous. I bet all sorts of people pretend they are that kind of hero.

Doesn’t every Hollywood executive figure he’s the vanguard sneaking a little artistry into the commercial mix? But he holds up the commercial edifice. Do you think Ad execs chivalrously tie one hand behind their back before they design a cigarette ad?

Saint Peter might embody a concept few can dismiss: the notion that someday you will answer for what you’ve done. Exploitation and thievery seem to guarrantee success in this life, but even more certain is that your life will someday come to an end.

So here’s a chance to submit your plea. A dry run in front of a test jury. What have you got to say for yourself? Are you going to say you were born with only a limited capability of understanding these matters? You did the best you could under the circumstances?

We’re hoping to make a form you can submit, together with stats to show a result. Until then we’ll open it up to essay answers. In however-many-words-you-need or less, state why you deserve a passing grade for the life you’re leading. Account for yourself!

We’ll try our best to get you a timely advance-judgment from which you might deduce what action to take now that you might avert going to hell.

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