Mega Store we have what you want

Polos and dockers differentiate you from free menProducts IRRESISTIBLY priced! They’re made overseas you see, where we don’t have to obey labor, safety and environmental standards. It’s cheaper that way.
In the U. S. we have to clean up what we pollute, we have to pay workers a minimum wage, we can’t hire little kids, and we can’t kill them with noxious gases and get away with it. In the U. S., workers live to retire and collect benefits. That’s just too expensive.

We are your kind of store! More and more of us buy the cheaper imports. As a result, we lose our manufacturing jobs and are left with jobs only in minimum wage retail. With our new meager incomes we can only afford to shop at mega discount stores. Some circle, huh?

“Load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt!” You know the song. You’re ours boy! We’re the COMPANY STORE! It might be better not to want so many things in the first place. But our research shows you’ve never liked to consider that option. Come on by. While you’re here ask us about a job. Thanks to you, we’re always hiring!

Sales Assistants who always smile! We guarantee it because we make them smile, otherwise they’re fired. We time them, watch them on video cameras, and hound them with petty rules.

Plus they’re made to wear a demeaning costume so when you visit you can feel like, I make more than this sap. You can be abusive because they can’t do anything but take it. They have to find somebody off the job to vent on.

Our employees have no job security and acquire no skills to justify eventual promotion or to make them desirable prospects elsewhere.
Since they’re easily replaced, we pay them the lowest wage possible. All because we want to bring you the lowest price.

We’re the company store.

Eat while you shop and enjoy our wider aisles made for today’s fatter people.

Reprinted with permission from Crank Magazine

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