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How many friends do you know who’ve had an abortion, or who’ve contributed to the unhappy circumstance which lead to an abortion? How many do you know who for certain haven’t?

This is an informal poll. Are we talking about well over half the people you know, yourself included?

Think about each of them in the span of this crisis. Most of your friends were young at the time and scared. Thankfully it hadn’t been a matter of securing an illegal abortion like you would seek out a drug pusher.

The choice was the option society had stigmatized or another stigma: pregnancy. It was also a decision to undergo a surgical operation at the hands of doctors you’d never met before or who you’d heard heard often did not have the most pleasant bedside manner; you had to figure out how to pay for it, and you had to keep it from your parents because they wouldn’t have understood.

Was this not emotionally challenging enough? What if you’d had to cross a line of protesters, heckling and taunting you, attempting to physically get in your way? What if you’d gone to a clinic which advertised free pregnancy tests only to discover it was a bogus front where they traumatized you with graphically violent and misrepresentative descriptions?

An abortion is difficult enough without absolute nut-cakes spreading their self-hatred. Do you think your peers should have been forced to carry out their pregnancies? That so many found themselves in such a predicament speaks mainly for the need for a healthier and earlier embrace of birth control. Perhaps a better pill.

Where would you or your friend be now if abortion had not been an alternative? Because the environment for abortions has grown incredibly hostile, you may want to do something about it. Here are some ideas:

1. Sign up to “Pledge-a-picket” at Planned Parenthood. Every time a protester pickets a clinic they’ll know the clinic gets money from you.

2. Whenever there’s an ANTI-CHOICE demonstration, get some balloons ready.

3. When you see those horrible miscreants on Saturdays disrupting a clinic, drive by slowly and from the back of a pickup pee on them.

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