Uberman and sheep

When we lost our respect for the monarchs, despots that they were, we questioned their divine entitlement to wealth. Capitalism was the next excuse as to why some should be deserving of more than others.

Do we still believe it? You’re not so clever, you should have less? You’re too compassionate, too considerate, too ethical, you should have less? And then less than that. The sneakier I can be, the less again you need be left with? You won’t notice because you’ll have TV, and conveniences, food but less nutrition, and your work will be easier but more monotonous?

We don’t even have the stomach to look at what we’re doing to the peoples of the third world. Is this argument superfluous to everyone? Let’s try another analogy and please be noble enough to shut up, especially if you disagree.

Don’t be the sheep on the conveyor-belt telling everyone else to relax, or to “just do it.” And don’t insist that your children come with you.

We have, perhaps unlike sheep, a free will. To escape from the blades, to get off the conveyor, over the slippery floor, past the deadened slaughterhouse workers, against the flow of the mass being herded in the doors, is perilous, perhaps impossible, but don’t tell your children it’s any worse than certain execution for the slaughter bosses’ coffers.

There. That was the analogy. Thank you for your unwitting participation. Recap: don’t worry/be happy.

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