Tasered for asking Kerry about 2004

University of Florida student Andrew Meyer is pulled away from the microphone and tasered after trying to ask John Kerry why he conceded the 2004 election, and why, if he’s so concerned about an impending war with Iran, he doesn’t advocate impeaching President Bush. Then he tried to ask Kerry about Skull & Bones. Here’s another angle on the aftermath, with Kerry telling everyone to remain calm.

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4 Responses to Tasered for asking Kerry about 2004

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    This incident illustrates the absolute fucked up mindset that prevails in the US today. Here is this pig, John Kerry making a speech and he gets interrupted by a loud mouth.

    Certainly this loud mouth might have needed his mike turned off and even to be escorted away. That in fact was being done in the beginning, but then the cops started to put him in handcuffs to add something punitive to this guys audacity for questioning the big Democratic Party authority, Ketchup Kerry. But that was not enough even, having him arrested.

    With the guy fully down and already handcuffed, the cops pulled out their torture toy, the taser. Time to give some pain. The cops seem to now live for this. And where was Kerry’s voice? This shit certainly had his own mike still on, and certainly could have opened his mouth and said something to these cops. He didn’t. He could have voiced opposition to this torture. He didn’t.

    Do you really want this caliber of politician in office any more than having a Bush or Cheney there? We need better than these Ken Salazars, John Kerrys, Hillarys, and Slicks, Edwards and Obamas. These people have no decent character, and that is one thing that the Republicans were right about. though of course they thought this lack of character revolved around one blow job!

    We need a movement against the use of torture not just at Guantanamo, but inside the US itself. End torture now! Prosecute cops that abuse their authority!

  2. Avatar Frank says:

    How about:

    Dipshit resists arrest, dipshit gets shocked… that was easy.

  3. Avatar tony logan says:

    Not to mention you being frankly a dipshit, Frank.

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    How about “Torture Freak PIGS use electric shock to cause pain in a human being for their own Sexual Pleasure’.

    How about it Frank? You one of the Coward Cop Committee?

    You ever beat somebody up while he was handcuffed like they did, bitch?

    Because he ‘Talked back?”

    Your chickenshit pigs have done that many many times, PUNK.

    That’s why people shoot pigs in ambush killings.

    It’s called Revenge, bitch.

    you want people radicalized, that’s the way to do it.

    You want people Civilized, why not get your chickenshit pig buddies to lay off their Sexually Deviant torture fetish?

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