4 weeks now till the next St Paddy’s

You know, the cops handled me pretty much the same way when I was chair-bound from my injuries, lo, these many years ago.

What got my Irish up, and I had to shame a few members of the crowd, really loudly in front of their kids too, was they were screaming for the other floats and parade members to run us over, they cheered when the piggies put the choke-hold on Frank and cheered when they slung Elizabeth to the ground like that.

And then tried to shout me down because “They’re Fighting for YOUR Right to free speech”…

yeah, right.

Free to say whatever you want as long as you have police permission first.

If they were in Belfast or worse yet Dublin they would have been Informants for the British. That’s their level of loyalty to the culture.

They would also be really stupid about trying to hide their collaboration, and the IRA, instead of just killing them, would have taken them out in the middle of a slum street and shot them in the kneecaps.

Mark them as snitch-bitches for the rest of their unnatural lives.

Because that’s the level of their intelligence, and the equal but opposite level of the contempt the IRA would have held for their coward asses.

The cops would have been simply shot down in the street.

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