And now for something completely different..

After the Mexican federales and army lost four officers in TiaJuana and six more in Durango, who subsequently lost their heads, and those heads were found again, outside Catholic Churches, as revenge for the killings of Cartel members… Washington sends more Drug Aid into the fray.

and makes this startling statement, see if it sounds familiar:

Washington says the rising death toll is a sign the drug gangs are weakening under President Calderon’s military crackdown, which has seen some 49,000 extra troops deploy across Mexico.

Excuse you, but how does the ability to snag 10 cops off the streets and cut their freakin’ Heads Off amount to a sign that they’re weakening?

The Pentagoons have a lot of faith in EscalaBuilduSurges. Everything from “Hanoi is on the verge of surrender, the Tet offensive proves their desperation” General Westmoreland.

“The device looks like something put together for a science fair” an Army officer on the scene, and “it’s a clear sign of their desperation” Richard Cheney when Paul Wolfowicz, Chickenhawk Supreme (a tasty dish when prepared properly) amongst others, came under fire for the first and last time in his UnNatural life at the same hotel where the Army took aim at foreign journalists during the Push To Baghdad. They were fired on by a combination of Soviet-made anti-tank rockets and a gasoline cannon made from a generator motor..

In early 2004.

Yes, you’ve got them on the ropes with your surge, mi Jefe. Clearly.

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