And now, for something completely the same…

Yahoo! has a surprising budgetary increase because they cut jobs, cut wages AND, Microsux is subsidizing them. For instance, people accustomed to being able to use their “free” services such as Email, messenger and Chat, without having to buy the Latest Overpriced Crap from M$ are being not very subtly pushed out.

“FREE!” if you buy our partner-in-crimes Virus Magnet Non-Operating System at $400+!!” Also, people of limited means are supposed to fork out hundreds of dollars to purchase newer computers because the newer versions of WinBloze, Vista and now Win7, will refuse to install on any machine older than 4 years. Not because they actually REQUIRE the extra processor memory and disk space… it’s because there’s a Thief Cartel involving Micro$ux and Intel.

A couple of years back, a team of Geeks With Too Little To Do did a demonstration wherein they installed and ran Windows XP on an i386 Pre-Dinosaur with 8 megabytes of RAM. To put that in non-techno perspective, it’s like winning the Indy 500 in a Model A.

Allegedly the WinXP system won’t work in anything less than 175 times the processor speed, 75 times the RAM, and 40 times as much hard drive space as was provided by the Museum Piece.

So, when Micro$ux and Intel (and now, Yahoo!) tell us that they simply can’t work unless we buy the latest and greatest of everything, They LIE!

They’d fit right in at a Tea-Party.

Let’s put that further into perspective. Apple Computers, pro-health care,  pro-union, pro-action against Climate Change…

Their partner in Telecommunications AT&T (they bundle the iPhone service) is being pressured now to join Apple, Nike and a quickly growing number of corporations who aren’t willing to be used as funding sources for the RepubliKlan agenda, jumping ship from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Who are bankrolling a $100,000,000 campaign to kill clean energy, (and kill the Earth) Kill any economic progress and Kill Health Care Reform. (and, by extension, kill Americans who aren’t Rich)

THEIR partners in Regressive Criminality… you guessed it, Intel, Micro$ux, Dell, Hewlett Packard…

And the LYING PUKES of the Tea-Party and Fox News who claim the Tea-Party aren’t being organized and funded by the RepubliKlan Party. The party exclusive to the Very Wealthy.

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