Another Agent Orange… Dick Cheney Strikes Again

Only this time, it’s a chemical that’s actually orange, used as a sealant and anticorrosive. The guilty party, Halliburton KBR, says it was up to the National Guard to provide safety measures for the soldiers who were exposed, and up to the National Guard to test the exposure levels. KBR full-timers had the HazMat suits… KBR had tested the chemicals… Sodium dichromate. KBR for some reason never shared the results of those tests nor gave any recommendations for the Soldiers to be protected while working with the chemicals.

AND, just as the Halliburton subsidiary which sent me to almost die on a job site in Arlington Texas, they deny any financial responsibility for the treatment and for the disabilities caused by their Shocking Cock-up.

This time they’re counting on the largesse of the Pentagon to pay the bills for their on-the-job screwup. Richard Cheney, who never divested of any of his holdings in Halliburton and According To The Republicans didn’t use his influence as Puppet-master In Chief to get the no-bid no-competition-allowed Corporate Welfare for his “former” company.

If history serves as a warning, there’s not one chance in Hell the soldiers are going to get any relief. Many of them have already died. Halliburton denies any connection between Their Chemical Spill and the health problems that are killing the soldiers. As Usual.

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