Because it would be better to hold him prisoner

…in secret Torture Palaces like Baghram, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Khandahar… Beat the living hell out of him every day and then use the video-taped confession in a secret tribunal. The way the Civilized, Law-Abiding U.S. Military does…
From the BBC: U.S. Condemns Taliban Video of U.S. “captive”.

The US has condemned a Taliban video of an American soldier captured by the militants in Afghanistan last June as an affront to his family at Christmas.

Unlike, of course, the knowledge that loved ones were routinely Tortured by U.S. forces and their Puppet Dictatorships like the Iraqi and Afghani New Regimes.

Suck it up, Bergdahl family, don’t be a pawn for the ChickenHawk War machine. The Pentagon and the rest of the Military don’t give a Rats Ass about your son or about anybody elses’ sons. They would prefer that he was dead and thus more easily replaced. Any Military Officer or Non-Commissioned Officer who says otherwise is Lying out his Fascist Rectum.

The man in the film, identifying himself as Private Bowe Robert Bergdahl, criticises the US over the Afghan war and relations with Muslims.

A Taliban spokesman then calls for the release of captured insurgents in exchange for the 23-year-old.

His parents, Bob and Jani Bergdahl, responded by appealing for his release.

The Western military alliance Nato confirmed that the man in the video – seen wearing sunglasses, a military helmet and uniform – was Pte Bergdahl.

It said he had clearly been forced to read a prepared statement. It is not clear when the video, released on Friday, was recorded.

“Clearly been forced to read a statement” Like the Guantanamo Torture Victims, who of course, were NOT forced to confess to whatever crimes the Sexually Deviant Torturers demanded they confess to committing.
Because Waterboarding and other forms of torture aren’t really torture when it’s U.S. Marines or Independent Contractors like Blackwater doing the Torture. The Fake Outrage the Pentagon is expressing over the Taliban doing a very mild version of what the AmeriKlan Army has been doing for 8 years is kind of like George W(hiny) Bitch demanding that all U.S. soldiers captured by the Iraqi Army be treated under the Guidelines of the Geneva Conventions…

“OUR Troops are exempted By OUR Imperial Decree from prosecution for War Crimes, but nobody else better do it”. What a hypocritical cowardly puke of a “man” that Punk is.

Even worse are those who actually look up to him as some kind of hero. If a punk like that is your hero, what kind of low-life would that make YOU?

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