Big Pharma strikes again.

Yet another Amphetamine derivative for the treatment of “Behavioral Problems” in children. This latest one is called “Concerta”.

Yep, kid doesn’t act the way the Establishment demands, isn’t regimented enough, rebellious, thinks for himself too much, doesn’t accept their Dogmatic Propaganda as though it’s actually true… Just give him DOPE. Basically the same dope they warn about in the Meth commercials.

It gets better. They’re advocating it for Children. Children whose endocrine system changes within minutes, because they’re undergoing Growth Spurts. Kids in puberty are at the highest risk, because their metabolism and hormonal balances are fluctuating between those typical of an Adult and those typical of a three-year old.

How do I know that? Study… Learning, Reading, that sort of thing.

The warnings about Hormonal Changes and the dangers they present in children who use drugs is straight from DEA propaganda pamphlets about Speed and Marijuana. They just don’t spin it quite the same way, because they’re not going to bite the hands of the Pharmaceutical Industry, who feed them.

But go ahead and Dope the kids, and if that’s not enough, Deploy The Tasers. Taser international boasts that their product is safe to use on a two year old.
That means that some Sick, Sadistic Corporate Bastard actually tested it out by Tasing babies.
Corporate Cops, Corporate Pharmacy, Corporate Baby-Torturers… it’s all the same.

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