Bishop to Congress: Support health care, burn in Hell

Rep. Patrick Kennedy was banned from communion for supporting Health Care.

Bishop Tobin of the Diocese of Providence, RI. did the dishonors. It offends me as a Christian and as a human being that the Church would commit Hate Crimes or endorse Hate Crimes like denying people health care on the basis of personal wealth or social class. And then go on to say that they’re doing God’s bidding.

There’s an anecdote about a Protestant who moved to a Roman Catholic neighborhood (this has to be prior to Vatican II) before the Pope relaxed the ban on eating red meat on Friday.

The guy would go out in his yard on Friday and barbecue a steak. This upset the neighbors. They told him, politely, that it was against their faith to eat meet on Friday, he said ok and the next Friday was back in his yard barbecuing a steak.

So the neighbors went to the parish priest and asked his advice, he told them, OK, start to proselytize him, witness to him, get him to convert to the faith. So they did, for a couple months quietly teaching him Catholic doctrine, inviting him to Mass, and the priest helped out. Finally the guy makes the decision to convert to Catholicism. He goes to catechism, confirmation, and get baptized. As the priest was sprinkling him with the holy water, the priest said, “you were bon a protestant, you were raised a protestant, and now, you’re a catholic.”

All goes well, until Friday afternoon, when a familiar aroma of scorched beef wafts over the neighborhood. The neighbors go over to talk to him about it, and as they draw near, they see him sprinkling water on the steak, saying “you were born a steer, you were raised a steer, and now, you’re a FISH”

The point of that is, Bishop Tobin nor anybody else is going to turn their hatred into “Christian Love” by baptizing it, and declaring the senseless Murder-By-Neglect inherent in the opposition to Health Care to be “God’s Love”.

Bishop Tobin, you can pour an ocean’s worth of Holy Water on that steak, and it ain’t gonna turn into a fish.

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