Break the commandment, keep the commandment

Or so the bumper sticker sayeth. Simple, right(wing)? Leaving aside the notion that you have to have kept the ENTIRE law for at least a week (purification time) and have NEVER committed any of the crimes listed in Leviticus and Deuteronomy not once not ever, that are punishable by death. Like masturbation or talking back to your parents. Jesus added a couple of definitions, more on that later. Now there’s the case of the man in Texas, killed unjustly by the Death Penalty Slaughterhouse System. What happens when the Governor wrongly kills somebody? And the Cowardly “doctor” and guards who directly murdered him? Should they also be killed?

The Bumper Sticker says so.

Dig… the High Priest appointed Jesus to be The Judge. About Death Penalty according to the Bible, men were sent from the High Priest to ask his judgement

I’d suggest my Christian brethren (and sistren— see, I can make up words) study the laws they quote so glibly.The one commandment: Adultery.One of the commandments Jesus interpreted, .

Not the one about “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” no. This IS a corollary to that. If a man looks at a woman with lush he’s already committed adultery. I would say, even if somebody had survived adolescence without once talking back to Mom and Pop or whipping the wiener that would be a deal breaker.

But since so many say that the Levitican laws beginning with the Ten Commandments are the ultimate base of American jurisprudence, how are they going to wiggle out of that one?

They could say that they didn’t know, that nobody ever mentioned to them, that it would be inevitable that innocent people WILL be put to death under the laws. They could, except their own Very Many Words mocking anybody who brings that point up, kind of sort of maybe would turn them into LIARS (except of course that they already ARE liars)

They could say “It’s better that one man die for all”, but that was the judgment that condemned Jesus even without a consensus on His guilt and before He was even brought to trial.

The Supreme Court, who are ultimately going to have to find a way to clear their Fellow Pigs of any guilt in the matter, (you KNOW, even if you deny it vehemently, that IS the case, they can’t allow their Fellow Pigs to face charges for a crime) Could simply wash their hands of the matter. Like Pontius Pilate.

Since the Title-Quote bumper sticker is printed BY Christians and aimed AT Christians, none of that would be politically palatable. They want to kill people but not feel guilty about it.

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