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News 5 just gave WalMart and Microsoft, two very wealthy companies owned by the wealthiest people in America, FREE advertising. Disguised as News Reports. Said Wally World is Slashing prices and announcing that “most” of the testers for Windows 7 (who got their operating system free from Microsoft, a $100 gift, in other words they’re PAID to say nice things about it) liked it. Gee, ya reckon?

Meanwhile everybody who PAID for advertising time on the “News” just got ripped off. This equates with Fox running free advertisement for Corporations disguised as News.

The Fox people had a several hours long every day for a Week  OUTRAGE! segment over being given a discount on a full-page newspaper advertisement. How much would you bet they’re going to do a similar OUTRAGE! rant for this particular Rip-off scam?

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    By the way, the “testers” of Windows 7 were a) Regular users of Windows b) paid with a free installation of a hundred dollar “operating” system and c) Still weren’t unanimous in their support for something which they were paid to support.
    my my my my my my….

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