Breaking News! Tiger Woods Admits he’s Black!

Ok so that wasn’t the actual sensationalized headline. Close though. I just thought it meet that I should share in the guilt, and the con$iderable Profit$, of Corporate Media distracting from Real Issues with tabloid trash like that. A REAL Tabloid Headline I saw today while scoring enough groceries to sustain my miserable existence…
“Tiger Woods love child, sex tapes”.

Very poorly worded, the first impression one would get is that he loves child sex tapes. Knowing the market for such Trash disguised as “news”, and that even the most Retarded news media have Proofreaders and people who actually studied the English Language in Higher Education settings (like, for instance, College), yes, knowing that, I can’t help but think that it was more than a Freudian slip on the behalf of only one Headline Writer. The sheer number of people editing such pronouncements would rule out it being the fault of only one.

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  1. Even Fox News has people on staff who are capable of Reading and Writing. “Liberal” Arts majors who make a petty living providing Petty Redneck Mouthpieces with jokes and stories about how Stupid educated people are. They COULD speak for themselves, but instead rely on Highly Paid Ignorant Clowns like Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, “Gunny” Bob Newman, Tancredo. etc etc etc to do it for them.

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