Can you say “Agent Provocateur”? I knew you could…

what exactly is known about the “failed suicide bomber” from Christmas day? Does it strike you, as it does me, that it’s a little convenient for Hardliners to exploit that supposedly their “leaderless” Department of Fatherland Insecurity agents let slip an urgent warning from the gentleman’s father? Or that the bomb coincidentally failed to go off and the other passengers did a “let’s roll” action, like the 9/11 myth we’ve been fed for so long?

It seems to me like some of the Right Wingnut holdovers from the CheneyBush regime want to have a lot of extra-judicial powers of surveillance and monitoring, along with flat out denial of any privileges of citizenship to any people they just don’t happen to like at any one particular moment… dissidents, for instance… what happens when they have the power to deny you even the privilege of riding the City Bus? It IS a part of the so-called “patriot” act.

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