CIA agent in support of terrorism- Juanita Castro

Juanita CastroOne of the lowest forms of life are those who betray their Homeland to a noxious foreign power that terrorizes their own people. Juanita Castro, sister of Fidel Castro, is one such person and admits it in her own memoirs, of being a traitor to her homeland, Cuba, She now reveals that she spied for the CIA for some number of years. See Castro’s sister ‘spied for CIA’

True, if Fidel had been like the German Nazis it would have made sense for Juanita to have taken the actions she did, but that was not the case. In fact, it is the CIA and the American government that much far more resemble Nazis than Fidel and Raul ever have. Their regime of terror in Latin America has helped murder hundreds of thousands, in that region of the world alone!

Juanita talks about her brothers as if they were terrible demon killers but that fits the role much more of the CIA who she cooperated with than they do. The CIA would have burnt off the balls of her brothers if they had ever gotten the chance and in fact spent much US tax money in planning terrorist plots against Cuba to assassinate Fidel and others. This is all well documented, too. She sides with the American terrorists against those in her own family that helped free Cuba from US government control and domination. She is a despicable traitor who her own country.

Just what do traitors look like? What does a Benedict Arnold of Cuba look like for example? Take a good look at Juanita today. They look just like her, that’s what. Smug, self righteous, and dishonest about their actual motives, and that’s Juanita. She was not ever siding with those being persecuted but sided rather with those who continue to this day to persecute political opposition around the world.

She sides with the hired assassins of the US government and their CIA terror organization. And she is a liar about it all, too! I doubt that she fools too many though. See just how she struts her misdeeds in Miami, capital of the US-Latin American terrorist club. Who is really fooled by this show?

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2 Responses to CIA agent in support of terrorism- Juanita Castro

  1. Avatar Lou Right says:

    This is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You have some nerve to be writing about such a strong woman in this way. She might not give a damn, but the rest of us do. So shut up because you don’t know shit. Dumbass.

  2. We can write anything we want, in spite of your Police State government trying to stop us. You know why? Because enough people have the balls to stand up and speak up, not because of some Conformist cop or military “gift” of freedom.

    I’m glad that another Right Wing Terrorist Freak is offended.

    I’m glad your “feelings” for want of a better word, are hurt by somebody pointing out that you and your kind seek out the families of your targets, to see how many of them are willing to punk out to you and turn against their own kith and kin.

    Like the SWAT team negotiators who get the targets mother to talk him out of the house so they can snipe his head off.

    You say “strong woman” I say “Sorry Sell-out Bitch”.

    I’ve got relatives who would sell me for 29 pieces of silver. You know what they say about family though, you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

    Even though they’re the sorriest bastards I could imagine I wouldn’t sell any of them to the Pigs though, the way Juanita sells Fidel and Raul.

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