Col. Robert Howard

Being eulogized on the news, most highly decorated soldier in modern times, retired in 2006 after 50 years in… Newscaster says “leaves behind a grateful nation”.
Grateful for WHAT? That he participated in spreading our Nation into an Imperial State, forcing Our Benevolence down the throats of peoples around the world? Fought for the Freedom of Corporate Thugs like Monsanto to poison his fellow soldiers, pay less than a penny on the dollar of their truly obscene profits and their lawyers walked out of court laughing about it?

Freedom of Exxon-Mobil and Halliburton to build a Feudal Kingdom, subjugate whole cultures? Freedom for truly repulsive SCUM like Blackwater “Xe” to operate above and separate from any law, even Right Here In America?

This Baby-killer Extraordinaire died of Cancer, he SHOULD have died of shame.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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7 Responses to Col. Robert Howard

  1. Avatar Carlos says:

    When I read your diatribe about Bob Howard it infuriated me that you denigrated him in such a scurrilous manner. Bob was a great soldier and a caring human being. I won’t even honor your baby killer remark with a response. In a word, stupid. The funny thing is that Bob fought to preserve the liberties you enjoy and he would be the first to let everyone know that you have an absolute right in this nation to communicate as you do.

    Regardless of what you think, this nation has lost a good, decent and caring individual!

  2. According to his official resume, he “fought” in VietNam, a nation against which the Congress of the United States Never Declared War. He fought in Laos and Cambodia, again, nations against there was no official war. He was at best an Unlawful Combatant who had the same legal status as the 9/11 hijackers. He was a Hired Killer, a Murderer in the pay of Corporate Overlords who routinely killed and still do kill his fellow Soldiers. Read the bit about Halliburton. You can substitute Monsanto for Halliburton and get the same results.

    His Pentagon Career was spent defending the Corporate Murderers who used him and his fellow soldiers as proxies to conquer foreign lands for THEIR benefit. He never fought for “freedom”. He was educated enough that he knew the difference but still spouted the Warmongering Whoremongering Propaganda Lies that he was Told To Spout. There is NO honor in that.

  3. And I notice that a lot of you who spout the LIE about “fighting for liberties” do so when you’re in the process of fighting against me for exercising those liberties.

    Usually when I’m either badly outnumbered or Handcuffed, or D) All of The Above.

    Did you or Bob Howard stand up for Liberty when the Colorado Springs PIG Department beat up on 7 Americans for daring to march in a parade for which the license fee was paid? There were hundreds of Uniformed Military in the crowd and Not A Single One stood forward and made an actual stand for Liberty.

    Nor did any of the Socially Retarded Babykilling Minutemen who you see at the park for every Tea Party rally. NOT ONE. The SAME organizations who murdered Briseña and Raul Flores and Bill Sparkman, all of them Americans and Briseña was a CHILD.

    You don’t like the term “Babykiller” then don’t kill babies, and don’t stand with those who do.

    And tell your LIES about fighting for Freedom to somebody “stupid” enough to believe you.

  4. Avatar clint says:

    I agree to some degree regarding you contempt for the American imperialism, I myself am a ultra- conservative who thinks along the line of Ron Paul’s manifesto, the money spent of the post 9-11 wars and the continued war on drugs are about financially devastate this nation. the practice of the federal government robbing the masses and then enriching the socio-political elite is impoverishing the middle class. we need to vote everyone out of congress and put a new administration in that will not super size government the way Bush and Obama have. we must return to our founders principals and turn inward, perfect ourselves and be that beacon of hope from afar we once were instead of the boots that are on the ground and in your face.

    we need friend ship with all nations and entangling alliances with none. a smaller transparent government that is the slave to the people and not the other way around, a currency that is backed by the gold stranded and a federal reserve to be federally prosecuted. who do you think is profiting from all these expenditures of government?

    Did you know that the federal reserve is a private bank? did you know that they print our money and then charge us interest on our own money… ? Did you know that the taxes we pay only pays part of the interest owed to the federal reserve bank….? That the money bush and Obama ordered to be printed to bail out those too big to fail banks. is being financed by the people.. yeah they may pay back the principal but it is we the people who are paying the interest…

    are you even aware what had actually happend? We took a very big loan from a private bank and then gave it to a bunch of “other” private banks….. what has basically taken place here is the biggest bank job in the worlds history. as a kid im sure you fantasized about robbing fort Knox these people actually did it… and are doing it….while you people here are yapping about a baby killer retiring and how much you loath him yet you are not taking any direct action against the machine that made him and others like him who stomp their boots all over the globe which harms our security here at home while impoverishing our people and taking the last vestiges of our freedom.

  5. Avatar Stacy says:

    I found this site after hearing that Col. Howard passed away and searching for a news story on Google…now I am sick. Do you even have a clue about the US military forces? They are an extension of the government, basically consider them a department within. The men and women who serve do so at the direction of our government, often being left to deal with circumstances surrounding potential terrorists, vagrants and hostile enemies of all peaceful countries, kidnappers, pirates, etc., so basically when there is any bad in this world our government calls on these men and women to go and handle it whether that be in retrieving something or someone, stopping a militant attack, etc., and these circumstances are not always shared with the general public.

    Should we not have a military force such as we do then not only would you not be speaking English, but you would not be able to write things such as this without persecution or threats of death. Our entire country would be different if men and women such as Col. Howard did not do what they did. Does that mean they like it or agree 100% with what they are directed to do, no. Do I think they go out and kill people for no reason or that they enjoy it, no. I could not do what these people do, and I will not sit and disrespect them for all that they sacrifice so that we can live and enjoy life as I we do. You have every right to be angry, bitter and speak your shallow drivel…they give you that right, but perhaps you should direct your energies at those who truly deserve it…our government who takes advantage of their dedication to service of this country. Our military belongs at home, here on our soil, and I am sure 100% of them would rather be here. It is not their choice to tromp all over the globe as you say it. Perhaps we should bring them all home and then let the hostile vagrants take over in this country and then people like you can finally see just what it is that they protect us against. Our fate would then fall to living under the same dictatorships that the third world nations deal with, living in fear of your life and having little to no food or any other possessions. In these places the niceties of life do not exist sir and I think that 99% of our population would not survive.

    I say lets concentrate on the government that is running the operation incorrectly…fix the system and then the rest will run better from there. As for the baby killer remark, unless you have proof that this man killed a child or any innocent for that matter then perhaps you should just direct your writings to fact and not your ficticious ramblings. My father served in Vietnam and at no time killed a child or innocent man or woman. I am not saying that this never happens, but when it does the chance that it was because one of our military members just decided to open up fire for no reason are slim to none. And before you think me naive or uneducated about this process please know that I grew up in the military, served in the military and now am married to a military man, so I speak from fact and experience.

  6. Avatar Stacy says:

    By the way Carlos and Clint you had very educated points that I agree with 100%. This country is backwards right now and we are allowing it to happen. Until we stand up and organize and demand change, and I am not talking about Obama change, then nothing will change. Every aspect of government is out of whack, as is society. I think we need to focus efforts on that instead on attacking individuals who believed they were serving the greater good. Who are we to say different really and spending time on it is a waste when we could be doing things that really make a difference.

  7. Change like more Bush spending to spread the Empire across the globe? That WAS the stated goal of the Bush Regime, in the Project for the New American Century.
    Colonel Howard could have opted out of serving that Imperialism. He chose not to.
    Most people once they’re enlisted can not legally opt out of serving “our country” or fighting for “freedom”, both of which are absolute lies, but they can once their enlistments are up.

    Colonel Howard never once tried to change the Status Quo. He never once stood to defend those men he Owned errr “commanded” when his fellow Corporate Whores at the Pentagon and their masters like Dupont and Monsanto KILLED them first with Agent Orange and then with refusing to admit that Agent Orange actually was killing them, and refusing to even attempt to find viable treatments for it. Not ONCE.

    He could have done the honorable act of resigning his commission when ordered to enslave and brutalize the people of VietNam for the benefit of his Corporate Masters. Many REAL men did so. Colonel Howard echoed the condemnation the military “supporters” heaped upon those REAL Heroes.

    Even at such times when he kept silent, his refusal to defend their freedom, and their sacrifice of their own careers for their conscience and for God, was in itself condemnation.

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