Damned if we do…

The Right Wing have a highly developed Victim Mentality, it’s the only reason people like Rush and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin can make money from their tiny minority of the country who support their ideas. Falling right in line with that mentality is the idea that they’re being “persecuted” and suffering “tyranny” when people ask them not to act like such “titty-babies.”
Since a good share of them are Southerners they’re already familiar with the term, and have heard it many times in their misspent lives. Obviously never took it to heart, because they whine much about the use of “political correctness”.

Since I’m banging on about phrases and words that trigger such horrific tantrum-reactions in the simple minded, let’s run with it, shall we?

If they were to invest in a book or two, one great one would be a Thesaurus. A well-organized Thesaurus like Rogets or anything published by the Oxford University Press would be a helpful addition. They provide not only synonyms but Antonyms. Words which are the exact opposite of the word you’re researching.

For instance, do-gooders imposing Politically Correct Behavior on them.

Let’s go backward on that. First (last) Nobody seems to have imposed anything on them, most certainly not a muzzle of any kind. None of them are being tortured or imprisoned or killed for their Politically Incorrect speech or behavior. Yet asking them not to be so Socially Retarded is “tyranny”. Don’t believe me? Ask any fan of Glenn Beck and Tea-Party “patriot”. Notice that I didn’t use “or”, the two are one distinct group and there is no fan of Glenn Beck who is NOT a Tea-Party clown.

Next phrase in the Hit Parade, “Politically Correct”

Since “politically” is a modifier word, we can discard it for the purpose of this lesson. The fact is they’re whining and crying about not being forced but instead gently reminded that their behavior is not Correct. A Synonym for Correct is Right, others include Just, fair, balanced and good.

Antonyms include “WRONG”.

But apparently correcting something that’s not correct, but is in fact WRONG must be a bad thing.

Which leads to the first/last term… “do-gooder”. The EXACT antonym of do-gooder is Evildoer.

What kind of person would be attracted to a political system that embraces being Wrong, lying, whining and just in general thinks the opposite of being an Evildoer (and lying, whining and Wrong) is some kind of insult?

Attend a Tea-Party, Minutemen Muster, (“Klan Rally” would be a Synonym since the membership is interchangeable) or other version of a Republican Caucus and you’ll find an answer. When you do, if you put Ben-Gay or Vicks Vapo-Rub under your nose you won’t notice the stench as much.

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