Ding-Dong, the Liberal Lizard of the Senate is dead… Sing along, Democrats!

cowardly lionAs I was heading for work this morning, the imperialist faux liberal, faux public radio, ‘National Public Radio’ was informing the whole world that ‘The Liberal Lion of the Senate’ was no more. In Heaven, no doubt… But… if I had been able to tune into Rush’s or Dreck’s programs there is no doubt, too, that they would have informed me that it was ‘The Liberal Liar of the Senate’ that had just departed for Hell. Both these delusional camps and their camp followers are wrong though. The truth is that he was neither saint nor devil, but rather something in between. Maybe a lizard?

Ding-Dong, the Evil Lizard of Odd is dead! Ding-Dong, the ‘Liberal’ Lizard is no more. The wizard of Odd still lives, and all the munchkins ‘move on’ and please stop the pretense that there was anything very special about this alcoholic Senator from Massachusetts. Yeah, that’s right. In some ways he even reminded me of Dubya, except that Dubya was Texas and Kennedy was New England. But both supported American militarism and Big Business in their own manner and style. And both got demonized by the opposing camp in America’s delusional pseudo democracy.

Did Edward Kennedy, or any of the Kennedys for that matter, ever really oppose the US war machine? No, he did not. Did ‘Ted’ ever really push for all that Medical System ‘reform’ we keep hearing about? Not really. In fact, it was left up to Bernie Sanders to put forward single payer legislation this year in the Senate. Fact is, Ted Kennedy was your standard American political hack same as the other brothers were, and it is silly to pretend otherwise.

He was a wheeler and a dealer and no lion of any kind at all. Lions can roar and Ted could not. Let’s leave it at that. He is dead now and other Slick Willies still carry on inside the DP in his place. We are no better for it either.

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