Doug Bruce and Jury-mandering

since he’s deployed every other dirty trick in the service of his Corporate Masters… he’s now gone to the lengths of having people handing out pamphlets outside the courthouse, as they were reporting for jury duty for his trial on refusing to leave private property when the owners and tenants told him to do so.

That could have caused a mistrial.
One of the pieces of un-wisdom was instructing the potential juries that not honoring their oaths wouldn’t be Perjury in any way. Perjury which is a felony.

Now, one of the interesting turns he’ll have to handle, people who panhandle at supermarket entrances are not charged with trespass for the nonce. Until the case is settled. His Rich Backers probably didn’t see that one happening, thus, the CSPD isn’t able to fully implement their Rich-Ordered War on Poor People.

Another that will bite his various organizations on their collective Arse is they won’t be able to jail strikers for either obstruction of traffic or for trespass, like they usually do.

Even if the cops have to lure the person or drag the person onto private property in order to get the evidence of “trespass”.

I’m confused now, did he actually come to assist the defense when Eric and 6 others were arrested for essentially “trespassing” in a parade for which the license was paid?

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