“English First” = “Yo name Toby, boy!”

That sounds extreme, but it’s true. I was seeking last week for a news update on the Brutal Murder by the Minutemen of Briseña  Flores and her father Raul.

One Arizona NEWSPAPER didn’t have the “ñ” character available and wrote it Brisenia.
Which is a good thing, at least they’re trying.

But the fact that’s going to disturb the Local  Wreligious Wrong, if they ever stop to question it, is that their “English Only” policy is really racism.

Not “soft core” Racism, but the Hard Stuff. Not only is it a celebration of Northern European Whiteness having the “manifest destiny” to take dominion over the entire planet.
(and the Heavens as well, the Dominionists actually claim them) for the ENGLISH “race” and culture.

The Dominionist-Manifest Destiny doctrine is based on the ridiculous notion that the English, and ONLY the English, are heirs to the Kingdom of David. I’ve heard it put forth in Church.

They graciously extend that Dominion to America, but only to those “Real” Americans, as the Racist Sarah Palin put it in the last election, who are of English descent.
Means her running mate McCain (Irish) and her buddy Sam Wurzelbach (Dutch) would be excluded.

AND… it goes as far as Anglicizing names as well. Not that making your name sound more English, like Apolos Revoire taking the name “Paul Revere” did, will make you a Citizen of their Shining City on the Hill, not even a Second Class Citizen,
It’ll  just mark you as a Compliant Slave in their kingdom.
Some of the English “First” (translated: ONLY) elements that get glossed over when they’re Schmoozing  (verb for what a Schmiel does to a Schmozl) any non-WASP Chump they find temporarily useful to their cause:
You wouldn’t be allowed to speak Français or Deutsch or Español in public
You wouldn’t be allowed a translator in any court proceeding or interrogation.
You wouldn’t be allowed a translator while accessing necessary public utilities, like for instance Health Care.

AND there’s even a provision that you wouldn’t be able to speak any non-English language At Home.

Because, you see, it would “hinder” your children in school and in their Adult Service to the English Overlords.

Likewise dialects such as Southern American English, “hilllbilly” and “Ebonics”.
AND American Indian languages like Athabascan, Cherokee, Lakota, Zuñi,Shawnee… the list goes on.
And the Master Race can discriminate against you (according to one Hoam Skool gradyouate)  if you fail to “look” Mainstream. Meaning White.

I fully expect the Racists of the Tea Party and Minutemen to deny this and denounce it as “crazy”.

That’s because they’re Born Again Liars.

Anybody who’s not Pure English by the definition of the hardest core Racists in the “English First” movement should take heed.
Bubbas and sisters, you ain’t gonna share the rule with them.

Those who are Catholic, those who are Other Europeans, those who are Jewish, and Heaven Forfend, those who are of a Swarthy Complexion…. if you’re running with that crowd you kids are being USED and their plans are to enslave YOU the same as everybody else.

Including their loudest mouthed proponents like Tancredo and Malkin and Limbaugh and Hannity.

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Brother Jonah

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