Eritrean footballers “abscond” in Kenya

The Eritrean Government denies that Eritrean refugees in Kenya are fleeing repression. But then, this is the THIRD national football team they’ve had gone missing. Maybe they’re just partying and laying around drunk in a Nairobi hotel.

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7 Responses to Eritrean footballers “abscond” in Kenya

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    So why on earth do you care what the football team of Eritrea is doing, Jonah? The whole region is a mess much thanks to US geopolitical manipulations over the decades but you are talking about what here? Do you even know? You’re not saying anything, are you?

  2. Avatar Jebeezus says:

    When a government can’t keep its athletes playing for the home team, it’s significant. The Soviet Union eventually cleaned up its act, I believe mainly to hang onto its great hockey players and dancers.

  3. Avatar tony logan says:

    True enough what you say, JB, but when a country has an annual per capita income of less than $500 it is hardly surprising that the stars want to go elsewhere to play.

    But why is this considered newsworthy to the media here in the US? Is it not because they want to score points against the Eritrean government for the sorry ass DC government?

    Our government is looking for propaganda to justify its war games in the region, and its actual wars against Somalia and across the Red Sea in Yemen. None of this actually mentioned by Brother Jonah.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Actually it was from the BBC. The Corporate news in America isn’t all that happy to report on something State Dept sees as a Regional linchpin in the GWOT being shown up as a Negative.

    Toss in that from our perspective, what’s been said since late last summer about “illegal immigration” FROM Kenya yadda yadda…

    According to the BBC it’s got Kenya worried. Especially since the aforementioned political jockeying, the competing Imperial Great Powers jockeying for position on the Horn of Africa just like the Good Old Days, the deteriorating War scene locally and… now a drought… and famine.

    It’s just the sort of “Wait a minute…” story that throws off all the other competing propaganda.

    The story being told by other African nations is that the team faced punishment after losing. If it weren’t for State Dept backing of Eritrea as a separatist entity we’d probably be seeing politics-disguised-as-sports along the lines of the stories told of the Iranian and Iraqi footballers being punished for losing or for expressing political non-orthodoxy. With a rehash of the 1972 U.S. Olympic basketball loss to the Soviets and the “Miracle on Ice” propaganda that Ronald Reagan beat down the U.S.S.R. by the use of a masterful Hockey Win.

    The headline grabbed my attention the way it was presented. I just HAD to look.

    The not-American-not-NFL football teams in what we locals like to call “the rest of the world”, everything outside the borders of our own particular parish… are going apeshit over each and every little thing in Football. Egypt v Algeria recently, for instance.

    Flying a Cowboys flag at a Broncos game suddenly seems mild by comparison.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Toss in the recent release of the Invictus movie to make it a perfect score. When I wrote the few short lines, a “short story about somebody elses longer story” I was heading out to get Miss Johnnies blood pressure medicine and didn’t have much time to elaborate.

  6. Avatar ¡gol! says:

    ¡¡ gooool !!!

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