The killing of one’s sibling. Specifically. On the other hand, DNA findings keep showing that all men are, indeed, brothers. I’ll address the religious issues of that directly, since one of the most hotly divisive wars plaguing our world now has both the Religious and the DNA negating the claims of the most belligerent parties.
It involves the three Mosaic religions, with among others, LOCAL Christians rooting for both sides because they feel that Israel being destroyed will bring on the Apocalypse.

The people described are sometimes considered mythical. That’s not the point. The parties to the wars don’t consider them mythical and base the reasons for continuing the war on the sayings, writings and deeds attributed to them.

So I’ll start with something that’s in all three, Christian, Jewish and Muslim scriptures..
Cain and Abel. Literally brothers. Fast forward a couple of chapters. Another set of brothers. Shem, Ham and Japheth. Their daddy Noah, The Most Righteous Man On Earth, got drunk and cursed his son. Somehow, that means that the entire almost half the population of the earth descended from Ham are cursed to eternal poverty and servitude.

Fast forward another few chapters, Father Abraham… Who apparently had a problem common to his descendants, he couldn’t keep his penis in his robes. Nor could his cousin Lot. Nor his grandsons Esau and Jacob. Nor his however many greats grandsons David and Solomon.

The fragmentation of their kingdom after the death of Solomon was a direct precursor to the issues of which groups of their descendants own which parts of the land and, importantly, the water. (and now the oil, but the water is most important. You can’t drink oil nor irrigate crops with it)

To bring it back to the original theme, all men are brothers. We have, all of us, common ancestry. You know what they say about family, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose.

But the fact is, we are all brothers. Israeli and Arab more so than the rest of the human race, the ONLY race. The concept could be expanded to living nice to every living thing on the earth, including the earth itself, and contracted to being nice to people in your immediate family, the children of your father and mother.

For Jew and Other Tribes Of ISRAEL (also called “Samaritans”) and Arabs the web of DNA ties is so complex, after all this time, who is Netanyahu that he can say that the Palestinian he spits on literally or figuratively isn’t closer to him, genetically, than his first cousin? Those who assume the gulf between Palestinian and Jew have to ignore not only the genetic evidence but also, since they base their Hatred on Scripture, they have to ignore more than half of the Scriptures as well.

That makes them Arrogant and Foolish all in one package, probably Blasphemers and, certainly, since the Dead supply the loudest witness to the fact… Murderers. Just like Cain.
Most people in the world don’t share my religious beliefs. I don’t even think most Christians share my beliefs, but since I haven’t met every Christian or any majority of us, in the world, even that point can’t be absolute.

The core belief that killing your brother is WRONG resonates throughout all faiths and even atheism. All interpretations of law which allow for killing anybody, are based on convoluted “logic” that would prove, were any of it true, that the person being targeted for death is not actually your brother. In other words, not even human.
Variants of this Illogic Game, Slavery, Whoremongering, in any form robbing people… have one and only one backup. One enforcer. The belief that killing somebody to accomplish enslaving or robbing or raping is somehow justifiable.

I believe, strongly, that those who justify murder in the name of God, don’t actually believe what they’re saying. They know beforehand that they’re lying. But they hope that their displays of Piety can convince others to look the other way at the very least, or “better” (from their perspective) actively support them in their crimes. Especially to be willing to kill for them in order to enforce their thefts and their enslavements.

That cuts to the nasty little hearts and souls of Political and Religious leaders worldwide.

Jesus, when asked “Well, Rabbi, who IS my neighbor?” launched into the very famous parable of the Good Samaritan. The “good” part is added into later commentary because the commentators somehow don’t get the core message and want to condemn the Samaritan “race” as a whole.

We see the same thing daily, phrases like “The REAL America” which a certain candidate for Vice President recently used to smear anybody who didn’t share her Hatred and Bigotry.

Even a comment on actually loving your neighbor gets skewed by adding the word “Good”.

The argument has been made that the Samaritans are ancestors of the people described as Palestinians. I haven’t seen any proof and nothing but religious dogma as evidence, that they’re NOT, so I’m going to assume that they are.

The other word for Samaritan is Israelite. Samaria is the Kingdom of Israel. For Jewish Israelites to persecute Samaritan Israelites isn’t anything new, the books of Nehemiah and Ezra describe it in really ugly detail.

The difference between what I wrote and what Netanyahu and Haggard and Dobson spew isn’t that they don’t acknowledge the common ancestry of Palentinian and Jew.

It’s a matter of focus on Racial “purity”.

But, there is only one race. One Humanity.
One brotherhood.

This won’t change the hearts of those who wish for more killing.

It will only stand as a testimony and a witness in their own souls, they, and they alone, can change how they act on it.

So far, the majority opinion has been to continue the same old Failed method.

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