Glenn Beck says climate repair is “unsustainable”

He doesn’t have the courage to say to somebody from East Africa to that persons face that he’s glad the person is dying of famine, disease and if the person is working at all, it’s at slave labor for a Corporation where the persons labor is putting money in the pockets of… Glenn Beck. He’s willing to “sacrifice” that persons LIFE, freedom, labor, everything about the person, and the persons CHILDREN and grandchildren after them, he sees Exactly No Problem With That because… it’s not happening to Glenn Beck.
Substitute Sarah Palin, John McCain, the Bushes, Any God-Damned One of the Tea Party Cowards who are going to be down at Acacia Park with their signs of OUTRAGE! that there are OTHER PEOPLE who exist in their universe. People who live in slavery and DIE in slavery to support Their Fat Overprivileged Collective Ass.

As long as they don’t have to see those other people, it’s nothing to them. Trying to bring those other people out of the depths of the Slavery and Death imposed on them, enforced by U.S. Military power, (at taxpayer expense and at the cost of thousands of soldiers lives, and MILLIONS of the lives of the Other People) That would cost too much, and not be “sustainable”. Their OWN family members being sent over to Kill and Die to support their overprivileged Lifestyle? No hay problemo, dude. Just like John McCain and Sarah Palin, they’re perfectly willing to sacrifice Their Own Sons in the struggle. And Our sons, and the sons of the Other People who DARED to defy Our Mighty Empire. Those lives mean nothing to them, that cost of “sustaining” the American Lifestyle means nothing to them because it’s not Sarah Palin, or John McCain, or Glenn Beck, or The Tea Party Retards who do their screaming and display their OUTRAGE! at the urging of these Demagoguic Demonic Demigods.

As long as they don’t see those people who are DYING in Slavery and Poverty, it means nothing to them. The people who are DYING in slavery to support them, they’re not, in the Immortal Words of Sarah Palin, echoed by the Unsustainable Glenn Beck and the Unsustainable Coward Tea Party Rallies, “not the REAL America”.

They actually convince themselves that they have a perfect life, idyllic, and that they personally made all the money and the merchandise that money buys, and that Absolutely None, No, Not One Cent, was made by the forced impoverishment of Other People.

Other People don’t exist for them. Not only aren’t the Other People “Real Americans” as that bitch Palin put it, we’re simply Not Real.

They’re brainwashing themselves and their children to believe that nobody else in the world is valid. And that they can sustain this lifestyle forever, or at least until they personally die, at which time, of course, they get to go to Heaven. A heaven they believe will not have ANY of the Non-Existent People who supported them all their overprivileged lives with their Non-Existent work or the resources of their Non-Existent Other Nations, nope, they won’t be in Their Personal White American “christian” Heaven.

They maintain and “Sustain” the delusion that they won’t have to see us even in Heaven.

Even Christians such as myself, because we’re not of Pure Race or Pure Subservience to THEIR interpretation of Scripture, we are also denied, by the “good” White American Selfish Warmongering BabyKilling World-Destroying Slave-mongering Resource-Stealing “christians” like Sarah Palin and George Bush and John McCain and the Tea Party and Glenn Beck, WE are told that we’re not REAL Christians.

Their pastors stand up in church every Sunday morning and harangue and spew hatred at everybody they don’t consider to be “REAL”. whether it be Real Americans, Real Christians, Real Workers, Real Human Beings, Real Children of the Living God, Real People with a REAL equality to them.

They’re so much better than us that they can take everything we have, our land, our resources, our labor, even our lives and those of our children, and destroy the Earth and any chance we would ever have of rebuilding it….

Their Preachers of Hate, like Glenn Beck, Sustain that for them.

They don’t care, even, that their Own Children are going to be thrust into the fires of that man-made Hell on Earth.

If their Own Children refuse to have their lives ruined by this Take everything, Kill anybody who stands in the way “christian” Theology of Hate, they even have a Theological Instrument which will make them feel good about the notion that their Own Families will be cast not only into the very present Hell on earth but also into Hell itself to burn for eternity.

They’ve got interpretations of Scripture that allow them not to even care about their own kids.

It comes back to Glenn Becks assertions about unsustainablity. He’s not the one who has to sustain the far more unsustainable Destruction of Everything. He’s betting that all the destruction will come to pass while he’s in Heaven and beyond the reach of the destruction. It’s not Glenn Beck who will pay for it, therefore, the Debt is Not Real.

That the Tea Party screamers-of-OUTRAGE!-and-pure-Hatred have been convinced to be his Shock Troops, he laughs about that, because they aren’t Glenn Beck either. If something happens to somebody else, and not to Glenn Beck, then it doesn’t really happen.

I knew a lady who explained that to me once… from her own perspective…

She said that if somebody leaves the room, and she can’t see that person, then that person has no reality for her.

Which is what Glenn Beck and the Tea Party say. They don’t have to see the slavery, therefore, the slaves don’t exist. The slaves are not Real to them.

The difference is, SHE knew that she was schitzophrenic, she knew that it wasn’t right and that it was her mind going away. And it distressed her greatly.

Glenn Beck and the Tea Party revel in their Unsustainable Mass Psychosis. They feel no distress over it, and those who do will be summarily dismissed from the mob, and to their “christian” family and friends, will no longer exist.

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