Gun-grab law scare coming from right wing liars.o

The regular cast of scoundrels. My niece said something yesterday afternoon about “Obama passing a law that says you can have guns in your car but you have to tell the cops about it”.
Which is bullshit. The last gun “laws” passed were encompassed in George Bush’s Executive Orders and “grab guns” from people who fit his Very Arbitrary definition of Terrorist (Anybody Richard Cheney defines as such).For being such a Big Scary (negro) Dictator Obama has scarcely used executive privilege.So why do the Tea Party; and other Klan front groups like the Minutemen and Fox News, continue to rant about the Big Scary Negro in the White House taking all their liberties? How many of the Minutemen have disappeared into the Torture Dungeons?

Which of the Minuteman Terrorists who openly displayed Machine Guns at the “free and open” Town Hall meetings, especially the ones addressed by Mr Obama, wich of them have been actually even CHARGED with anything?

The Tea Party and their related Klan outfits keep saying they’re being suppressed, but can’t say who is doing it. Vague references to Liberalism don’t count.

The cast and crew of Right Wing Radio and Fox News have participated in several murders, all of them acts of violence directed against Americans in an attempt to frighten the rest of us into going along with their agenda. The Flores family, for instance. The Unitarian Church in Knoxville. The Holocaust Museum. Scott Roeder murdering a REAL man in church. The lynching of Bill Sparkman.

ALL of them egged on, prodded, incited, abetted, by the Lying Cowards of Fox and Friends. Michelle Malkin and Tancredo personally incited the murders of the Flores family. Not a one of their Chickenshit asses is in jail. Haven’t even served a minute in handcuffs yet they loudly snivel and whine about being “persecuted”.

Not even Prosecuted yet somehow THEY are the victims, instead of the people their Mindless Retarded Minions have murdered, on their orders.

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